The Full Guide to First-Year Applications with Scoir

When your high school uses Scoir

Getting started

What is Scoir

As the College Admissions Network, Scoir brings your whole support team together on one platform, helping you identify your talents, find your college fit, and apply with confidence. Your data is yours; we don't sell personally identifiable information (PII) so you stay in control.

Who this guide is for

If you’re a student using Scoir with your high school, this guide is for you. We’ll walk you through the process of applying with Scoir as a first-time college applicant, along with some best practices for making the most of the Network. 

Aren't sure if you're in the right place?

If your high school doesn't use Scoir or if you're an international student, check out this guide instead!
If you're a transfer student, check out this guide!

Confirm your account

Since you’ve been invited by your high school to join Scoir, the first thing you'll need to do is confirm your account. You can confirm your account either via an email invitation from Scoir or a unique URL posted by your high school. 

Why is it important to be linked with your high school?

Having an account that’s linked with your high school allows you to collaborate with your counselor through your college search and application process.

If you’ve already created a free Scoir account, make sure to link your account before moving forward!

Complete your profile

  • Go to "My Profile" from the top menu
  • Make sure your personal details and academic overview are accurate
  • Add your activities, achievements, and a personal bio

Why is it important to confirm this info?

When you’re ready to begin applying to colleges with Scoir, the following information in My Profile will be used to pre-populate your Application Profile:

  • Personal info
  • Demographic info
  • School info
  • Test scores (where applicable)

Don’t worry! You’ll have the opportunity to edit this information before submitting any college applications.

Interacting with your supporters

You're connected to a network of supporters to help you through your college planning and application journey!

If you’ve registered your account through the invitation that your high school sent you, you’re connected with your counselor! 

This means you can direct message your counselor, receive college suggestions from them, and when you're ready to apply, coordinating your application materials will be a breeze. 

As a safe, secure, student-centric college search platform, you must take action to invite a parent/guardian to link with you on Scoir. It’s totally optional, but can be a great way to collaborate on your college list!

Parents/guardians have a read-only view of your My Colleges list, along with the ability to send you college suggestions to help guide your discovery.

If you’re linked to a high school on Scoir whose settings allow for it, you can request teacher recommendations. Teachers can be an incredibly valuable resource when it comes time to request recommendations. You can do so via the My Colleges page.

Discover colleges

When it comes to discovering colleges, you have options!

  • Go to the "Discover" page and add a few preferences
    • Preferences help customize your experience 
  • Jumpstart your college search through:
    • My Matches
    • You May Also Like 
  • Filter your search by:
    • Coalition for College members
    • Application method
  • Or conduct your own search!

Making the most of Discover

Explore College Profiles, searching for virtual tours, visits to your school, and other events. Find a school you like? Give it a Follow to save it to My Colleges.

Comparing colleges

Don’t forget to use the College Compare tool to compare up to 4 colleges side-by-side.

Build your list

To keep track of colleges that interest you, make sure to Follow them and add them to your My Colleges list. You can access this list at any time and also keep track of and review Counselor and Parent college suggestions.

Why Follow colleges on Scoir?

To receive college outreach 

Colleges on your list can send you messages so you can learn more about them. We don’t share any personal information about you…colleges will just know someone is interested but not exactly you.

To receive college visit notifications 

Every time a college you’re Following schedules a visit with your school via Scoir, you’ll receive a notification. That way, you won't miss a visit to the colleges that interest you most!

When to start Following colleges?

There's no bad time to start following colleges in Scoir! We encourage you to update this list regularly as your preferences evolve throughout your high school career.

Understanding your application materials

If you’re linked to a high school on Scoir, managing and requesting application documents is easy. 

Requesting documents in Scoir

Letters of Recommendation

You can request these via My Colleges.

If your school is not connected with Scoir/if you're an international student or transfer student, check out this HelpDoc.

Fee Waiver(s)

Do you know about the different types of application fee waivers available to you? After completing your Application Profile, Scoir will make it easy for you to identify where you can apply for free thanks to a Coalition fee waiver. You can also more easily see if your applications to Coalition colleges on Scoir are free by answering the questions on the Scoir dashboard! Where you don't see this option, you might also consider requesting a fee waiver this way, or request a fee waiver directly from the college that you're applying to. 

If your school is not connected with Scoir/if you're an international student or transfer student, check out this HelpDoc.

Other Official School Documents (like your transcript)

When you move a college to your Applying or Applied List, your counselor is notified. From that point, your counselor will know to work with you to send all of the required official school documents to the colleges where you’re applying. 

If your school is not connected with Scoir/if you're an international student or transfer student, check out this HelpDoc.

Digitally signing an Early Decision Contract

Early decision (ED) is a binding agreement where you indicate to the college that upon acceptance, you’ll attend that school. This is a good option if you know the school is your number one choice. So what’s the catch? You can only apply to one school using this process. Because it is a binding agreement, the institution requires signatures from you, your family, and a school counselor. ED Contracts can be initiated from the My Colleges list.

Document Storage

Scoir also offers a comprehensive document storage solution for students with support for common file types and external links. Items in your My Drive will be shared with your counselor and any parent/guardians linked to your account.

Understanding application requirements in general

In general, it's important to be aware of these requirements for each college you plan to apply to: 
    1. Application deadlines
    2. Application fees
    3. Test policy
    4. Standard personal essay
    5. Supplemental essay and/or additional writing prompts
    6. Letter(s) of recommendation
    7. Courses and grades
    8. Portfolio
    9. List of activities and achievements
College-specific application requirements can be found on College Profiles in Scoir. You'll also be made aware of requirements as you move through the application process in Scoir.

Applying with Scoir

To make the application process faster and easier, you have the ability to apply to some colleges with Scoir. If you see a lightning bolt, you can apply with Scoir. If you do not see the lightning bolt icon, you should begin the application process outside of Scoir with another method that you determine with your counselor, like Common App, the college’s website, QuestBridge, etc. 

Applying with Scoir is a 2-step process when you’re linked with your high school counselor.

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Start application on Scoir

Start the application process by completing your Application Profile. This can be used for any school you apply to through Scoir! Before applying, be sure to confirm the information in your Application Profile as you will not be able to edit this information once you’ve moved into step 2, answering a college’s supplemental questions. 

Continue application with college

Step 2 will take you outside of Scoir to answer a college's supplemental questions. You’ll be given an idea of how much you have left to complete before leaving Scoir. Once you're ready to submit, you'll provide payment (unless you have a fee waiver) directly to the college.

Note: You don't have to complete your application in one sitting. You'll be able to pause and resume where you previously left off.

Plan your essays

Most colleges require you to submit at least one essay as part of your application. When you apply to a Coalition members school with Scoir, you’ll have the opportunity to review the available essay prompts from Coalition and enter your essay before moving on to the college-specific questions.

In addition to the personal essay, some colleges may also ask you to answer short questions or write a supplemental essay. We'll make sure you know about any supplemental work waiting for you, and then you'll complete these items on the college's application portal.

Monitor your outcomes

Richie with Confetti

After you’ve applied with Scoir, you can enter your outcomes within My Colleges to keep track of your application statuses.

Time to celebrate! Congratulations on applying!

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