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Scoir College Readiness Curriculum

Explore our 50+ ASCA-compliant lesson plans for grades 9-12


Don't just take our word for it...

“Looking forward to the school year and using the new curriculum!”


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April Petty
Laramie County School District

"I love and am so thankful for the new curriculum! I will be using much of it during my annual Camp College event next week. It's already being put to use!"

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Keri Shields
Crossings Christian School

Lesson plans made easy

Comprehensive subject matter

These ASCA-compliant lesson plans cover topics from career exploration to financial literacy.

Lesson flexibility

With lessons that build as students grow, you can use the Curriculum with students of all grade levels 9-12.

Save time in your day

By having detailed lessons and activities mapped out in advance, you can save precious time in your day.

Comprehensive subject matter

Within the Curriculum, you'll find lesson plans on subject matter spanning from College Readiness to Military Careers, including:

  • College Readiness
  • College Search & Discovery
  • Career Exploration
  • Financial Literacy
  • Digital Literacy
  • College Application
  • College Athletics
  • Military Careers

Lesson flexibility

You can use the Curriculum in its entirety or as standalone lessons, giving you the flexibility to choose specific topics based on your preferences and students' needs. 

Plus, each lesson is designed to build in complexity and detail as students progress through grades 9 through 12, which allows you to vary the subject matter by grade level.

Time saved in your day

Because these detailed lessons take some of the college counseling planning off of your plate, you can get time back in your busy day to focus on all your other responsibilities!



The Scoir College Readiness Curriculum is free to all Scoir counselors!

This curriculum's lessons build as students grow, and can be used with students of all grade levels 9-12.

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