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Irish Gaelic verb
to exit, retire, or transition from one phase to another.

Our Story

We believe students are more than their test scores and colleges are more than their rankings.

Higher education is the gateway to expanded opportunities for advancement, yet far too many high school students fail to realize those opportunities. We set out to fix a flawed college admissions process.

Our National Footprint

Fast Facts:

  • ~1,200+ high schools use Scoir across 47 states.
  • 1,000+ colleges/universities are using Scoir to electronically receive application- related documents. 


Scoir High School Map




A world where every student understands and appreciates his or her unique talents and pursues interesting career paths well-suited to those abilities.


Expand college access and improve collegiate outcomes.

Important Milestones

We’re proud of everything we do (even when we break stuff), but these accomplishments stand out in our journey to help students identify their best collegiate pathways. 

  • Oct 2011

    We're on to something! 


    Gerry McCrory and Kevin McCloskey begin researching ways to improve the college admissions process. 

  • Feb 2013

    Scoir is founded. 

  • Feb 2015

    Closed $2.25 million Seed investment. 


    Great endorsement of a revolutionary idea. 

  • Apr 2015

    Launched college search website for students.

  • Dec 2015

    Hello, West Chester


    Moved into our first "real" office

  • Mar 2016

    Launched college guidance management system for high schools.


    Villa Maria Academy High School is 1st client

  • Sep 2016

    Launched electronic document delivery platform for colleges.     


    The University of Scranton is 1st client

  • Jul 2017

    The student mobile app is launched for iOS and Andriod. 

  • May 2018

    Closed $11 million Series A investment.

  • Aug 2018

    Launched "college visits" feature, connecting college admissions reps with high school counselors.

  • May 2019

    Technolutions designates Scoir a Slate Preferred Partner

  • Jun 2019

    Closed $15 million Series B investment. 

  • Oct 2019

    Relocated to stunning new office in the heart of downtown West Chester, PA.   



  • Sep 2020

    Released the Launch Partner Program for Colleges. 


    Redefining colleges admissions. 

  • Oct 2020

    Over 1,000+ schools are receiving application-related documents via Scoir. 


    Including: 48 state “flagship” universities,  47 of U.S. News & World Report’s “Top 50 National Universities”,  48 of U.S. News & World Report’s “Top 50 National Liberal Arts Colleges”, 78% of Common App members, and 185 other schools. 

  • Want to be part of our timeline?

    We’re always looking for smart, enthusiastic, motivated people who believe in our mission and who want to challenge themselves building something that matters. Want to finally become that positive change agent? Come talk to us and let's see if we can work on this together!

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