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College Guidance for Parents & Guardians


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Scoir is free for your students and for you. We also offer Advanced Solutions to help you better guide your students.

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Access resources in the areas of test prep, essay support, and financial aid to better navigate every part of the admissions process.


Scoir is Free for CBOs


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College and academic advising resources to guide and inspire college counselors.


Simplified Advising for Counselors


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District Solutions


We offer a flat 50% discount for each student who receives free or reduced lunch in your school or district.

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New! Middle Schools

Enjoy Career Readiness Early Access for grades 6-8, built to help you guide students and track progress in the early years of career learnings and activities.

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Career development (certifications, courses & curriculum) for changemakers.


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Enrollment Solutions for Colleges


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Our pricing is fair for schools of all sizes, transparent, and rewards those schools expanding access to underserved students.

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Check out content and practical guides to help inform your enrollment strategies and programs.


For High Schools

Career and College Admissions Counseling Simplified

A better way to help students explore their talents, find their fit, and apply to college.


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Built for Counselors, with Counselors

Simple solutions for every part of your process.

Manage your time and conversations with ease

One, centralized place for you to interact and plan with students, families, and teachers.

Scoir for counselors - illustration of the Scoir library, including College Esssay Guy and Financing College

Communication center with library and subscriptions

Send students, families, and teachers direct messages or use advanced filters to create any segment you can imagine.

Browse professionally-written emails in the library, designed to engage your students and their parents or guardians, and subscribe to automate your work. Explore categories like College Essay Prep written by College Essay Guy, to guide your students along every stage of their journey. New emails added quarterly.

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Advanced email and scheduled email

Authorize your work email address to email as many recipients as you'd like, right from within Scoir. Plus, work smarter by scheduling your emails ahead of time.

Calendar management

Spend less time coordinating & more time connecting. Schedule in-person or virtual visits with college reps, set up office hours with students, and share this calendar publicly.

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Quickly gauge student progress

The data you need to keep everyone informed and on track, right at your fingertips.

Scoir for counselors - illustration of reporting for counselors and high school admin in Scoir

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High school dashboard

Gauge student progress by class year, see outcome data (even for alumni), track performance, and keep events and deadlines top of mind.

Data and reporting

Roster your students from Student Information Systems, like Clever or ClassLink. Then, keep track of student progress, review college acceptance statistics based on your school, or create your own report. 

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Task Management

Stay organized by assigning students tasks. Quickly bulk assign tasks to save time. Plus, see student's completion status at a glance to gauge progress toward college and career readiness milestones.

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Custom Properties

Capture information specifically for your students with Custom Properties! That way, if Scoir doesn’t have an existing field for data you want to see, like summer programs, you can simply create one. You can also create Property Groups.


Outcomes, enrollment decisions, and plans

Manage application outcomes and record admission decisions as students make their final choices. You can even set non-collegiate plans if a student chooses to pursue another path after high school.

Guide with impact

Spend less time on administration and more time helping students who need you the most.

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Built-in discovery and exploration

Students can take the PrinciplesYou Character Assessment, a career interest assessment, College Match Quiz, and update preferences in their profile. Based on what they share, Scoir will help them find colleges and careers that meet their criteria. Students can also take advantage of predefined searches to jumpstart the discovery process.

Student Profiles and simple college suggestions

Get a snapshot of each student or dive deeper into their personal details, academics, activities/achievements, college preferences, career profile, and more. Armed with that insight, make college suggestions simply, to just one student or to many.


Surveys and MyDrive

From brag sheets to the occasional check-in, surveys can be used in a variety of ways to quickly gather the information you need. Once students start to create, easily share documents via MyDrive.


College Readiness Curriculum

Complete with 55 lesson plans and activities, our ASCA-compliant curriculum is designed to be used in tandem with Scoir as you guide your grade 9-12 students.

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Reduce the complexity of document sending

Our electronic document delivery system combines data and intelligence to save you time, reduce stress, and improve accuracy.

Scoir for counselors - illustration of reporting dashboard for counselors and high school admin in Scoir

Stop wasting time tracking down application requirements

Whether average SAT scores, cost of admission, or application deadlines, we aggregate data from IPEDs so you know you’re getting the most up-to-date information that you can trust.

Manage and send documents with confidence

Quickly identify missing requirements, keep track of deadlines, and send application documents simply.

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Career Readiness for High Schools

Help students discover careers and post-secondary education paths that align with their aptitudes

In the counselor experience, explore comprehensive career details like education needed, income, and outlook to better guide students in discovery and stay in the know about the different career pathways.

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Career Readiness for Middle and High Schools - student viewing sign with options for trade, career, college, and technical

Help Students Apply Without the Stress

Now, students can apply with Scoir!

Seamlessly transition students from discovery to application

Using their profiles already on file, students can apply to multiple colleges at once, right on Scoir. Just look for the lightning bolt!

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Scoir for counselors - illustration of applying with Scoir for students

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District-Level Visibility and Communication

Whether you're a superintendent over a district or a headmaster managing a network, our dashboard and communication tools give you the visibility and connection you need to lead your schools with excellence.

Scoir connects all the schools in your district or network via one dashboard so you’re equipped with key insights related to student engagement, application status, and more. With Advanced Email, you can take action on those insights by easily communicating with all counselors, students, and families. 

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Scoir for counselors - illustration of Scoir dashboard

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Migrating Made Easy

Goodbye bandwidth issues! Scoir gives counselors more time to support students from day one. To help ensure you begin your Scoir experience with a clean data set, we take the time to review and cleanse your alumni data. Plus, Scoir is easy (and fun!) to use, so the learning curve is reduced for counselors and students.

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Scoir for high schools and districts is
discounted 50% for each student
who receives free or reduced lunch.

We don't just believe in access. We make good on it. 


Curious About Our Solutions?

View Scoir's solutions and prices, plus learn more about our discounts.


What You Can Expect

  • Advanced Email
  • Scheduled Email
  • Scoir Library & Subscriptions
  • Direct Messages
  • Surveys
  • Calendar Management
  • Recurring Office Hours
  • Virtual & In-Person Visits
  • Dashboard
  • Counselor, Student & Parent/Guardian Mobile Apps
  • Responsive Support & Dedicated Customers Success
  • Seamless Application Experience
  • Document Sending to 1,800+ Connected Colleges
  • Student Plans & Outcomes
  • Student Profiles & Preferences
  • File Sharing via MyDrive
  • Surveys
  • Letters of Recommendation Requests
  • Advanced Filters (Including Missing Required)
  • Early Decision Contracts 
  • Fee Waivers
  • Standard & Customized Reports
  • Simple College Suggestions
  • Career Assessments
  • Task Management
  • Forms
  • Assessments
Our students loved it from the start. They have found it intuitive and in line with how they interact with apps/search engines. The engagement level of the students from the beginning was off the charts. I've been telling everyone I can to make the switch to SCOIR.
Daniel Monahan
Director of College Counseling, St. Andrew's-Sewanee School
This is our first year using SCOIR and we have been impressed by our very first interaction. The customer service is superb, the platform and user experience are intuitive and fun. The SCOIR team responsiveness to the needs of their users has been top-notch! Thanks for everything!
Matthew Mettille
Director of College Counseling, Menlo School
Switching to Scoir was the best decision we ever made. Having worked on both sides of the desk - first in college admissions and now on the high school side - I love that Scoir really takes the time to understand the needs of all its users and is constantly seeking to improve and add enhancements. I have to give major kudos to the customer service people - the response time is phenomenal.
Jenna Schebell
Director of Guidance, St. John Vianney High School
Our transition to the SCOIR platform has been seamless. The entire SCOIR support team has been attentive, knowledgeable, and helpful at every turn. Most importantly, our students are loving SCOIR. The intuitive nature of the platform teamed with the modern interface has been a hit with our students, and we are already seeing students engaging more thoughtfully and consistently with their college search and application process.
Dustin Lynn
Director of College Counseling, Battle Ground Academy
Our students have found SCOIR to be intuitive and informative, and they have taken the initiative in exploring various features. I am not sure if I am more impressed with the product or with the company; the entire company is passionate, attentive, and responsive.
Geri Perkal
Director of College Guidance, Rudolf Steiner School

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