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High Schools

SIS & SSO Integrations

Simplify your rostering and login process through our integrations with Clever, ClassLink, and Google.

Scoir's SSO Integrations

Say goodbye to guessing your password!


Roster and sign-in with ClassLink


Roster and sign-in with 


with Google

Sign in and roster with Clever

With our integration, you have the option to import your student and parent/guardian data directly from Clever. This way, any changes or updates made in Clever will carry over to Scoir via a nightly sync, giving you access to the most up-to-date information. Counselors, students, and parents/guardians will also have the option to sign up and log into Scoir using their Clever credentials— who doesn't love one less username and password to remember?

Student Roster
Parent Roster

Sign in and roster with ClassLink

Through our most recent integration, your school can also import your student and parent/guardian data through ClassLink. With nightly syncs of data, you can be sure that your Scoir roster reflects the most updated information, including if new students enroll at your school. All users will also be able to sign up and log into Scoir using their ClassLink credentials, making the process that much smoother.

Sign in with Google

Simplify the login process by using our Single Sign-On integration with Google— just sign up with your email address and password associated with your school's Google email account, and gain access to Scoir! 

Sign in with Google


No, students, counselors, and any other user must choose the Clever, ClassLink, or Google SSO option when initially signing up for their Scoir account in order to use these login methods. Otherwise, students will create a duplicate account for themselves in Scoir.

During rollout, we recommend encouraging students to sign up using these SSO methods when first invited to Scoir.

Join a demo or schedule a consultation

Want to learn more about implementing Scoir at your school or district? Join us for one of our upcoming live one-hour product demonstrations, or if you're ready to talk with our team, schedule a consultation.