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Reach college-bound students where they live and breathe all things admissions with our enrollment marketing solutions.


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interested students and families


qualified students into applicants


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Discovery & awareness

Don't just fill your funnel. Strategically expand your reach by getting accurate, relevant information in front of new, best-fit students that are not yet engaging with your institution on Scoir (but should be).

79% of Scoir students who provide information to an institution move forward to apply.

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Student and parent outreach messaging

Reach students outside of the noise of their email inbox. Message by student interests, academic focus, high school, and more to enhance personalization, and engage with families earlier in the recruiting process.

Yield for students who read a message on Scoir is 12% higher on average than the typical college yield.

Content personalization

Dynamically customize your profile at scale for every student with content that matches student preferences and interests for enhanced personalization with our easy to use content management system (CMS).

Students are 94% more likely to engage with content on your profile when customized to their interests.

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Insights dashboard

Access real-time analytics about your admissions funnel quickly, in a digestible way. Gain insights into the students you're reaching and who you could be reaching.

Track audience growth over time, pinpoint where you have the most interested students to expand your geographic reach and make strategic planning decisions.


Promote your admissions events to prospective students as early as freshman year to begin fostering relationships with students and drive engagement. 

84% of interested students who attended a session on Scoir went on to submit an application.

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A new way to apply to college

Through an integration with Coalition for College and Technolutions, we're creating a next-gen application experience for students that expands access while also reducing the administrative burden for colleges.

Admission-essential solutions

Our admission essential solutions are available to every college at no cost. We provide our college advising and document management platform at a discount to Title I eligible high schools to facilitate the admissions process and expand college access. 

Schedule High School

See what schools have time blocked for college visits, schedule visits off-campus or virtually, and connect with counselors.

Receive Application Documents

Receive application materials from high schools on Scoir via SFTP, a pre-configured Slate integration, or manual download.

Promote Virtual

Publicize your high school visits, see student registration numbers, and send them in-app messages prior to your visit to maximize engagement.

Case Studies

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Standing Out from the Noise: Engaging Early to Increase Yield

LSU was looking to break through the top of funnel noise and start engaging where students aren’t hearing from a lot of colleges. Their yield rate increased 16% for students who read messages on Scoir.

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Authentic Engagement with Data Driven Insights
Bates College

Bates was looking for an innovative way to connect with students virtually and gain deeper insights into their funnel. With Scoir they found a new pool of interested students to engage with outside of email. 70% of 2020 students following the school in Scoir were not captured in their CRM

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Expand & Engage: Reaching Today’s Student
Fairfield University

Fairfield was looking for a way to expand and diversify their pool of prospective students by expanding their geographic footprint and reach. Scoir helped them achieve their goal and generated over $6M in tuition.

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