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College Guidance for Parents & Guardians


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Scoir is free for your students and for you. We also offer Advanced Solutions to help you better guide your students.

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Access resources in the areas of test prep, essay support, and financial aid to better navigate every part of the admissions process.


Scoir is Free for CBOs


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College and academic advising resources to guide and inspire college counselors.


Simplified Advising for Counselors


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District Solutions


We offer a flat 50% discount for each student who receives free or reduced lunch in your school or district.

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New! Middle Schools

Enjoy Career Readiness Early Access for grades 6-8, built to help you guide students and track progress in the early years of career learnings and activities.

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Career development (certifications, courses & curriculum) for changemakers.


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Enrollment Solutions for Colleges


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Our pricing is fair for schools of all sizes, transparent, and rewards those schools expanding access to underserved students.

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Check out content and practical guides to help inform your enrollment strategies and programs.


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We're on a mission to build great technology with social impact and are always looking to add talent to support the cause.



Our Mission


Expand college access. Simplify admissions. Improve student outcomes.

We help students discover their talents and how they translate to career pathways so they can make the best decision(s) about their future.

We believe students are more than their test scores and colleges are more than their rankings. Higher education and career readiness is the gateway to expanded opportunities for advancement, yet far too many high school students fail to realize those opportunities. We set out to fix a flawed college and career readiness process.

We are coders, designers, data scientists, marketers, and success managers. We are an expanding group of talented individuals who love building intuitive software that has the power to improve lives. Join us!


Our Values


Creativity and innovation is not a right, but an obligation of all. We’re creating something new. Crazy ideas and alternative perspectives foster ingenuity. We try many new things (some big, some small) and fail, but learn and improve with each.


Positivity and enthusiasm are natural byproducts of pursuing our passions, and they are infectious. We act with urgency and precision because we believe deeply in our undertaking.


We succeed and fail as a team; we do not indulge prima donnas. A group loyal to each other accomplishes more than any collection of individuals.


We share openly and honestly because we trust and respect one another. Constructive criticism is more valuable than affirmation when the goal is perpetual improvement.


Incremental change does not yield substantive improvement. To fundamentally disrupt the status quo, we must think boldly, act boldly, and be bold. We embrace risk-taking.


We are open-minded, but not dismayed by adversity. We pursue endeavors relentlessly because we are confident in our purpose.


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No open positions at this time

Don't see a role that fits you?

Interested in joining The Scoir Team but don't see a role that fits your awesome abilities? We're always looking to connect with talented, motivated people and we'd love to hear from you! Send your résumé and a note to jobs@scoir.com telling us about yourself and why you're interested in Scoir.


Eligible candidates must reside in AZ, DE, FL, GA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, SC, TN, or TX and be eligible to work in the U.S.A. on a permanent full-time basis without a visa or employer-sponsorship.


Perks and Benefits

Unlimited PTO

17 Company Holidays, and unlimited PTO. We track results, not hours.

Retirement savings

Choose a Traditional 401k or Roth 401k plan and invest across 41 low-fee mutual funds. We'll match up to 4% of salary with no vesting.

Home office stipend

Our team is fully remote! We’re dedicated to ensuring all employees have what they need to do their jobs well.

Health insurance

Choose comprehensive medical, dental, and vision coverage for you and your family.

Parental and family leave

We offer 2 weeks of paid Parental Leave and 2 weeks of paid Maternity Leave (in addition to Parental Leave).