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College Guidance for Parents & Guardians


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Scoir is free for your students and for you. We also offer Advanced Solutions to help you better guide your students.

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Access resources in the areas of test prep, essay support, and financial aid to better navigate every part of the admissions process.


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College and academic advising resources to guide and inspire college counselors.


Simplified Advising for Counselors


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District Solutions


We offer a flat 50% discount for each student who receives free or reduced lunch in your school or district.

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Career development (certifications, courses & curriculum) for changemakers.


Enrollment Solutions for Colleges


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Our pricing is fair for schools of all sizes, transparent, and rewards those schools expanding access to underserved students.

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Check out content and practical guides to help inform your enrollment strategies and programs.


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Outreach Messaging

Engage interested students and families as early as freshman year.



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Don't just take our word for it...

With more than 1 in 10 high schools in the U.S. using Scoir, you're reaching a large, purposeful audience with Outreach Messaging.


Average open rate of Automated Messages sent to interested students


Of interested students who received an Outreach Message submitted an application


Higher yield rate on average for students who read an Outreach Message on Scoir


Engage and Convert Students in a New Way

Stand out from the noise

Avoid crowded email inboxes with a dedicated Messaging Center on Scoir where students are focused on all things college admissions.

Engage earlier

You can begin enrollment marketing to students and families as early as freshman year of high school when they join Scoir.

Set it and forget it

With the ability to send Automated Messages and schedule Messages in advance, it’s easy to launch and manage your comms.


On Slate?

If your institution uses Slate, activate Scoir as a mailing channel and use existing Slate credits to reach Scoir students.

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Event-Based Messaging

Stop buying lists and start engaging with students where and when they’re searching by setting up automated trigger events that generate a message for you at exactly the right moment.


Engage with Guardians

Influence the influencer. When you message on Scoir, you have the ability to connect with students’ parents or guardians. You'll have a seat at the table with decision makers. 

Outreach messaging in Scoir illustration

Advanced Segmentation

Go beyond generic messages and start personalizing your content by crafting Messages for students based on:

  • First-gen status

  • Where they are in the funnel*

  • Personal interests

  • Academic focus

  • School location (Rural, Town, Suburban, Urban)

  • Legal sex

  • School type (including Title 1)

  • Academic profile

  • Neighborhood household income bands

*Students on Scoir indicate if they’re interested in your institution, planning to apply, or have already applied.

Outreach Messaging Segmentation illustration

Get a Boost

Interested in Outreach Messaging but not sure where to start? With our optional Outreach Messaging Kickstart, your dedicated Engagement Strategist will create a foundation of messages for your first few months. Looking for more help? Check out Managed Subscriptions.

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Let us join your team

With Kickstart for Messaging and Managed Subscriptions, we offer two levels of assistance to make sure you hit the ground running (and keep going after the fact!). 


Ready to engage students in a new way?

View pricing or schedule time to meet with our team and learn how our College Solutions can help you achieve your goals.