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Outreach Messaging

Engage interested students and families as early as freshman year


Don't just take our word for it...

With more than 1 in 10 high schools in the U.S. using Scoir, you’re reaching a large, purposeful audience with Outreach Messaging.


Average open rate of automated messages sent to interested students


Of interested students who received an outreach message submitted an application


Higher yield rate on average for students who read an outreach message on Scoir

Engage and convert students in a new way on Scoir

Stand Out from the Noise

Avoid crowded email inboxes with a dedicated messaging center on Scoir where students are focused on all things college admissions.

Engage Earlier

You can begin engaging students and families as early as freshman year of high school when they join Scoir with their high school.

Set it and Forget it

With the ability to send automated messages and schedule messages in advance, it’s easy to launch and manage your comms.

Meet students where they are

Email is dead. Meet students where they are instead. 80% of Scoir mobile-app users have push notifications enabled, so they’ll receive your message at the right time. And students who read a message on Scoir are more than 3x as likely to submit an application to your college.

College Outreach Messaging and Mobile
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Engage in a new way

We’re not another name buying service. We help you make meaningful connections with students and their families already expressing interest in your school who are not captured in your CRM. What’s more is that the average admit rate for students who read a message on Scoir is 74%.

Stand out from the noise

Avoid crowded email inboxes. Students on Scoir follow an average of only 6 schools and apply to 1 in 2 of those schools. With our easy to use audience segmentation, you can further stand out by tailoring your messaging to the unique needs and preferences of your prospective students from academic majors, extracurricular interests, first generation status, and more.

Outreach Messaging Segmentation

Ready to engage students in a new way?

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