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Resources for Colleges

Thought provoking content and practical guides to help inform your enrollment strategies and tactics 

The ROI for Taking a Student-Centered Approach

This case study explores the impact of Scoir's solutions for colleges.

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Case Studies

Standing Out from the Noise - Engaging Early to Increase Yield with LSU

LSU was looking to break through the top of funnel noise and start engaging with prospective students.

Read the case study to see their results

Expand & Engage - Reaching Today’s Student with Fairfield University

Fairfield University was looking for a way to expand their pool of prospective students by expanding their geographic reach.

Read the case study to see their results.


Authentic Engagement with Data-Driven Insights with Bates College

Bates College was looking for an innovative way to engage students virtually and create personalized admissions experiences.

Read the case study to see their results

Data Insights

Scoir vs Traditional Recruitment

How do our enrollment marketing solutions compare to traditional recruitment tactics?

Check out the infographic.

The Cost of Traditional Recruitment

Just how much do schools spend per student on traditional recruitment efforts and are they effective? Check out this infographic for the breakdown.

The College Admissions Journey

We surveyed high school students to gain insight into the challenges and opportunities of the college admissions journey. Check out this infographic for the results.


Creating Connections through a Student-Centered Approach

Watch now to learn more about how you can use your existing data to create more meaningful, student-centered messaging.

Watch the webinar.

Navigating Uncertainty: Preparing for the 2025 Enrollment Cliff

Admissions leaders share their thoughts on 2025 enrollment cliff predictions and how their teams are preparing, from starting student outreach earlier to honing in on key differentiators.

Watch the webinar.

Blog Articles

Follow Today, Unfollow Tomorrow: Why Students Lose Interest in Colleges

Ever wonder why students change their mind about a college after expressing interest? 

We surveyed students to find out and the results may surprise you. 

Read the blog

Amplifying the Value of Your Content

Our Content Management System helps get the right content in front of the right student at the right time to create a more informed college search experience.

Learn how Scoir repurposes your existing content to dynamically reach your ideal student audience.

Read the blog

Doing Things Differently

We’re doing things differently by taking a truly student-centered approach to helping colleges attract, engage, convert, and yield best-fit students.

Learn more about how we're rethinking the recruitment process. 

Read the blog

Student Insights to Help Shape Your Funnel

Using student surveys and aggregated usage data, we take a look a current trends in student interests and challenges, including narrowing in on regional audience segments,

Learn more about the student insights available in this blog post. 

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The Cost of Traditional Recruitment

The transformative power of education cannot be denied–but, we cannot also ignore how limited the transformation of the college recruitment space has been.

Learn more about the challenges of traditional recruitment in today's world, and ways that you can change to meet students where they are.

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Operationalizing Your Prospective Student Communications

Our four step process helps you plan, draft, schedule, and manage your communications to prospective students easily with the outreach messaging tools in Scoir.

Learn more about operationalizing your messaging in this blog post.

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Recruiting Gen Z: Best Practices for Prospective Student Communications

We dive deeper into understanding Gen Z students, including three tips for creating more engaging messages for students and to help ensure your content is read and retained.

Learn more about messaging best practices in this blog post.

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Quotes to Consider from Admissions Leaders

We met with more than a dozen admissions leaders to hear first hand how they’re doing things differently now when it comes to test-optional policies, student engagement, virtual events, and more.

Check out some of the most quotable moments and listen to the full conversations on our podcast.

Read the blog

Podcast Episodes

Building Meaningful Connections Through Personalization

Senior Product Marketing Manager at Scoir, Megan Kauffman is joined by Scoir's Chief Experience Officer, Matt Pitone, to discuss how colleges can leverage data and content to create scalable personalized experiences for students during the college search process and why it matters. 

Listen here

Students Don't Have Zoom Fatigue. Your Content is Boring.

We're joined by Assistant Dean of Admission at Bates College, Nicole Villacres-Reyes, to discuss tips for keeping students engaged during virtual recruitment events, unique ways to connect with prospective students, and more.

Listen here

Reconsidering College Name Buys

We're joined by Director of College Counseling at Battleground Academy, Dustin Lynn, to discuss alternate perspectives on the common college admissions practice of buying student names and contact information.

Listen here

Reimagining Student Engagement: Student Messaging Do's and Don'ts

The Scoir Marketing Team discusses best practices and tips that colleges can use when thinking about how to better engage students.

Listen here

Guides and Checklists

Content Playbook

Dynamically create personalized experiences at scale using your existing content with our CMS. Use these insights to get started.

Download the PDF

Parent Messaging Playbook

Start engaging parents and families earlier in the college search process using these tips to get started in Scoir.

Download the PDF

Student Messaging Playbook

Start making meaningful connection with prospective student with these tips for optimizing your communications

Download the PDF

Back-to-School Checklist

Download this free resource to prepare your Scoir account for a new school year so you can attract, engage, convert, and yield best-fit students!

Download the PDF

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