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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the more common questions that come up when we speak with folks. Take a look to see if yours is answered. If not, drop us a line! 

Using Scoir


Scoir is an Irish Gaelic verb that means to exit, retire, or transition from one phase to another. It was chosen by our founder, an Irishman from Belfast, while watching the 2012 Navy v. Notre Dame football game in Dublin’s Aviva Stadium. The Director of Enrollment at Notre Dame asked, “What’s the score?” and Scoir was born.

Many. We want students to better understand their fit with colleges so they are more likely to stay enrolled and earn their degree. We also want students to be able to show their unique skills, achievements and abilities so they are not pigeon-holed by their GPAs and SATs/ACTs. We want parents/guardians to better understand the real cost of attending certain colleges so they are not scared off by published tuition rates that very few people actually pay. We want to help high school counselors spend less time on paperwork and more time helping students who need their assistance. We want to help admissions officers find students who have a strong interest in their college so they are more likely to be accepted and receive favorable financial aid packages. The list goes on, and on, and on …

No. Scoir does not enable student-to-student connections, permit unfiltered user-generated content, or allow unsolicited outreach by colleges. It does facilitate direct connections and communications between students and the colleges they are following, as well as between students and their high school counselors. Our college search experience does look and feel a lot like popular social media sites and includes links to social media pages.

You absolutely can! We have close to 2,000 community colleges and hundreds of international colleges currently in our database.

Yes, the Scoir mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices. Our website is also mobile-friendly on your device browser. 

It’s simply better and cheaper than any system or service available. In addition to saving time and money, it helps students make better college selection decisions and get discovered by colleges they want to attend.  It also makes life easier for you as the counselor, since all of your students’ application-related documents can be managed in one place.

Many colleges on Scoir are equipped with virtual college tours, through our partnership with YouVisit.  Also, many college pages on Scoir have a video reel within their Student Life section, as provided by CampusReels, which provides real and authentic “vlogs” from students on these colleges’ campuses.

Contact us at support@scoir.com or visit our support site.

Managing Your Account

It depends. We integrate with most student information systems via Clever Secure Sync, which is a free systems integration platform used by schools and school systems. For those who don’t use Clever, we’re building direct integration with most student information systems as quickly as we can.

Yes, in almost all instances. Our data management console can process most Naviance exports. If you use a custom application or have a collection of spreadsheets gathered over the years, the data will likely require some manipulation before we can import it. We also support importing historical data for scholarships.

Your school’s Admin Counselor (the primary point of contact) will be asked to review and accept our Client Services Agreement upon initial login. 

Our Client Success Team is available to support you and do most of the heavy lifting. Depending on your plan type and your access to associated data, this process could take a few days, or a couple of weeks. These are things you'll address with your Client Success Manager on your initial call after sign up. 

Plans and Pricing

$2.52 per student, per year. That's based on total 9-12 enrollment, regardless of how many students actually use the product. We also offer discounts equal to the percentage of students receiving free or reduced lunch. See more detail on our pricing page

With Scoir, what you see is what you get; you will have access to all features currently available within Scoir.  There are no in-app purchases or upselling.


We do offer discount pricing for public high schools based on the percentage of students at your school that receive free or reduced lunch. For private schools, discounts are based on the percentage of students receiving a full-need scholarship. Your school may also qualify for Scoir’s Fee Waiver Program. 

Contact us to see if your school qualifies for any discounts!

Our standard contract term is 1 year, which begins 7/1 and ends 6/30 to align with academic budgeting cycles. If you'd like greater cost assurance, we do offer a 3-year contract option. All contracts automatically renew for 1-year periods at the then-current price.


All contract periods end 6/30 to align with academic year cycles. This prevents you from being forced to renew so as not to disrupt students during the school year. Your first contract period will be prorated as needed, i.e. it can range anywhere from 8 months to 36 months depending on your start date.

You can introduce Scoir to your students anytime. The first period of your contract term will be prorated based on your start date. We encourage you to begin by exploring the Scoir College Readiness Curriculum with 50+ ASCA-compliant lesson plans for grades 9-12. 

No, Scoir will waive all fees until your current contract expires without limiting your use of Scoir. All we require is proof of contract.

Possibly. We're committed to providing the best college guidance management system at the lowest possible price, but we'll need to review (and possibly modify) our pricing each year. If you'd like greater cost assurance, you can sign up for a 3-year contract to lock in today's low pricing.

Rules and Policies

Student data is only accessible by high school counselors and a students' parents/guardians (if the student permits a linked account).  Parent/guardian data is accessible only by the parent/guardian.  For more information, check out our legal terms and policies.

Scoir's security model is an end-to-end process focused on keeping our users safe and their data secure. The Scoir platform leverages the public cloud infrastructure provided by Google. How our services interact with this secure platform are governed by the following systems, processes and protocols.


User Authentication and Credential Management

Scoir has controls and practices to confirm the identity of client-users and protect the security of client information. Strict procedures are employed for authenticating that each new client account is initiated and confirmed by a valid and authorized representative of a high school or college institution. Our system requires unique school-validated usernames and passwords that must be entered each time a client-user signs on to Scoir. A centralized user management system is used to define and control client-users’ access to information and services. Client-users are required to maintain the confidentiality of their usernames and passwords and they are provided with referenceable procedures to follow if they become aware of any unauthorized use of an account.


Secured Service APIs and Authenticated Access

All services are managed through a secured global API gateway infrastructure. This API serving infrastructure is only accessible over encrypted SSL/TLS channels, and every request requires the inclusion of a time-limited authentication token generated via human login through the authentication system described above.


Data Encryption

SCOIR services encrypt client data stored at rest, without any action required from the client, using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard with each data encryption key itself encrypted with a regularly rotated set of master keys. All data traffic between user browsers and our data centers are automatically encrypted using robust public key technologies (2048-bit RSA or P-256 ECDSA SSL certificates issued by a trusted authority) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) for email and message routing.


High schools can review our terms of service HERE.

Colleges can review our terms of service HERE.

You can review our general terms and conditions HERE .