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Students & Families

College Search, Planning, and Application Made Better

Identify your talents, find your fit, and apply with confidence–all for free.

Identify your talents

The journey to college starts with self-exploration. We'll help you take the first steps.

Easily access a best-in-class aptitude test

We'll connect you to YouScience, where you'll be matched with career paths and majors through a series of brain games.

Organize your personal profile and more

Stay organized by keeping track of your volunteer and working hours, activities, achievements, and more. When you need it, creating a resume is one click away!

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Find your college fit

Our college search network is designed to help you find your best-fit college.

Find your match

What are you looking for in a college? Tell us about yourself and we’ll help you find colleges that match your unique interests.

Keep a list

Meet My Colleges: one place to plan your college journey! Use this space to Follow colleges, collaborate, and update application progress.

Sign up for visits & events

Search and sign up for virtual and/or in-person college visits and events like open houses, resource sessions, virtual tours, and more.

Apply with Scoir

Not another application. A better process.

Beginning in August, you can apply to Coalition colleges via Scoir. The minute you begin populating your profile in Scoir, you've made it easier to start the application process.

Plan with your supporters

Our Network's key collaboration features help you connect with your supporters, and feel confident about your college applications.

List collaboration

Get college suggestions from the people who know you best: counselors, and parents/guardians. Easily add those colleges to your My Colleges list (if you like), and continue researching!

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illustration of a mobile inbox for messaging on an app

Direct messaging

One place to keep your conversations about college organized! Direct message your counselors, and/or parents/guardians about opportunities, deadlines, and anything else helpful to your college journey.

College outreach

Make meaningful connections and control your conversations with colleges. Once you Follow a college, you can receive outreaches from that college based on your interests, academic focus, class year, and more.

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illustration of documents together

Document collaboration

A simplified way to collaborate with your high school about what colleges you’re applying to, what application-related documents need to be sent, and when to send them.

Parents & guardians: help your student find their fit

As a safe, secure, student-centric college search platform, your child or high school must first invite you to connect with them on Scoir. Parents cannot sign up for Scoir independently. Once you're invited, you can enjoy researching colleges together with your student!

Search & suggest

Research schools, view your student's MyColleges list, and make suggestions.

Cost calculator

Understand the true cost of college for your family for each college you search for.

Direct messaging

Meet your student and their counselor where they are with direct messages in our app.

Take Scoir on the go!

Download our mobile app and stay connected to the Scoir Network anywhere. 


Start your journey with Scoir

Scoir is free to students and parents/guardians. Yes, really, free. Read more on our pricing page.