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Manage performance, oversee goals, and easily collaborate with the schools in your district.

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"Our district serves a highly diverse population that includes 22 traditional high schools and 8 alternative schools that include grades 9-12. The staff at Scoir have been phenomenal with implementation and support for all of our users."

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Cheryl Spence
Orange County Public Schools

"We have moved all of our district onto Scoir... and your team is truly outstanding.  Your trainings have been very well received by my counselors and advisors. I am so excited that we have started on this journey!"

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Sharon Krantz
Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Powerful district insights, all in one place

District-level visibility

Get a "bird's eye view" of valuable insights from all of the schools in your district

Track performance

Dive into each individual school's performance by grade level

Collaborate with ease

Prompt action from counselors and/or students, while equipping them with Scoir's College & Career Readiness Curriculum

District-level visibility

With our District Dashboard, you can get a "bird's eye view" of all the schools in your district with performance insights like:

  • Application Process (class application engagement and active applications)
  • Class Overview (student registration and activity, career profile completion, and reported standardized test scores)
  • College Data & Outcomes (including historical outcomes)
  • Student Performance (GPA, reported test scores, etc.)

Take a closer look at the District Dashboard by watching a 2 minute overview!


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Group 259

Track performance

Upon monitoring your district's key performance metrics on our Dashboard, you can also dive into each individual school's performance. Goal-tracking becomes much easier with the ability to view performance by grade level. As true partners with your district, we'll also provide you a recap of your schools' performances with our personalized End-of-Year insights report.

Collaborate with ease

Once you've identified schools in your district that may not be reaching key milestones, you can prompt them to action directly from Scoir. You can email all the schools in your district, and send your message to counselors, students, and/or their parents/guardians.

You can also take advantage of our Scoir College & Career Readiness Curriculum. Complete with 50+ ASCA-compliant lesson plans and activities, you can easily implement this curriculum for your students in grades 9-12!

Group 260

Explore a District Case Study

Miami-Dade Success Story Cover

In this case study, we’ll share how Miami-Dade County Public Schools use Scoir to effectively and quickly monitor patterns of success within the district’s College Assistance Program.


There is no limit to how many schools you can add within your district on Scoir! Once you begin using Scoir for your district, all of your schools will be able to use the platform.

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