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Introducing A New Way to Apply to College

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine with us. 

Imagine a place where every student understands their unique talents, attends a college that values those talents, and finds a stellar career path. Take a few seconds to soak in that good feeling you just got. Now, open your eyes.

The reality is that too many students lack the support or resources needed to identify a college that fits them academically, encourages their personal and social growth, and—this one’s big—is a reasonable financial investment. 

We believe Scoir should be a platform where students can find their fit, and more importantly, a network that makes college opportunities a reality for any student, regardless of their background. 

A better application experience, with an eye on access and affordability

All students should be able to search for colleges that fit them and feel confident that the platform they use to do so will customize to their needs.

Through our partnership with Coalition for College and Slate, we’ve been building a better application experience to bridge that gap. 

We’re changing the way students apply to college with features like auto-populate for information students already provided to Scoir,  reducing the time it takes to apply, and with a student-led application fee waiver process so application fees aren’t a barrier to college access. Today marks the introduction of that experience, as students can now begin applying to Coalition member colleges with Scoir. 

For our students 

New paths to browse best-fit colleges

This new application experience allows students to begin applications to Coalition for College member schools. Why these schools? Because Coalition member colleges demonstrate a commitment to ensuring students graduate on time and with little-to-no debt. We’ve made it simple to find these schools through new browse paths. Check ‘em out! 


One form to rule them all

Did you know that most colleges ask for the same information on their applications? Spend less time on form fills and more time where it matters: finding your fit. Fill out the basics on Scoir—just once—and use that information to start multiple applications to Coalition member colleges. If there are required supplemental questions, we’ll take you right to the college’s form, without having to create a new log-in. 


Easy access to manage and monitor

After you’ve completed applications to Coalition member colleges, you can manage and monitor those applications in Scoir. 

Learn more about what this means for our students

For our counselors

One account, not two (or more) 

Because Coalition for College discontinued its standalone application portal, your students can search, discover, and now apply to Coalition member colleges all from the platform you already know and love...Scoir! The best part? If a student chooses to apply with Scoir, the information we have on file for your students will automatically populate on their applications, with the option to edit at every step along the way. Less work for them, and for you.


Avoid self-reported applications & streamline document delivery

When students apply with Scoir, we’ll automatically update their My Colleges list so you’ll know exactly when to send their supporting documents. Send Docs remains exactly the same, but with the added benefit of real-time information on any outstanding documents an institution may be missing.


Real-time application status

Students will see the status of their application, as will you, directly on Scoir.

Learn more about what this means for our counselors


For our colleges

A better process, without a new system

You’ll provide students with a next-generation, student-centered application experience without needing to adopt a new system because the info your team needs will live in Slate, the CRM you already know and love. By reducing friction in the application process and streamlining the flow of information from high schools to colleges, there will be fewer missing materials and loose ends to chase.


Break down barriers to college access

With a student-led application fee waiver process, you’re taking away the first hurdle to college access: application fees. Based on the information students provide, they’ll be able to identify fee waiver eligibility with the click of a button. You’ll also be able to engage community-based organizations (CBOs) to expand access further and reach underrepresented populations. 


Learn more about what this means for colleges

We're excited for everyone on the Scoir network to experience this new process! Questions? Our team is here to help.

Learn more about Scoir

Are you a student or family member hoping to learn more about how Scoir can help you with your college journey? Find out more here.

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