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Scoir Blog

For Colleges: Year 1 of Apply & Year 2 Enhancements

In August 2022, we introduced Apply with Scoir. It’s a new process for seamlessly applying to college, on the same platform where nearly 1 million students are already discovering careers and colleges and building their lists. When we spoke with students, we knew this was a huge pain point we could help solve so we’re excited to share how this first year went.

For Colleges: App Rounds are Open (and Easier to Maintain!)

It’s almost time to set application rounds and deadlines in Scoir for the upcoming application...

For Students: Simpler Search & Navigation

Check out the latest updates to the student experience!  

For Counselors: How We've Improved Scoir in the Last 1.5 Years

As we start the new school year, we can't help but reflect on where we've been! In the last year...

Introducing A New Way to Apply to College

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine with us. 

Update: Apply with Scoir

In January, we were thrilled to announce an exciting update about the future of the company. As we...

New in the Counselor App! Scoir Library & Subscriptions

The Email Center now includes a new space, Scoir Library. Inside, you can browse...

New in the Counselor App! Set Student Outcomes & Plans

We redesigned the way you set Student Outcomes & Plans. Now, in addition to indicating collegiate...

New in the Counselor App! Scheduled Email & Email Center

Work smarter by scheduling your emails in advance & collaborating with colleagues in our new Email...