Update: Apply with Scoir

In January, we were thrilled to announce an exciting update about the future of the company. As we move toward the end of this academic year, our team wants to provide you with an update so that you feel confident leaving for the summer and coming back to a new application experience.

Updates for Counselors

We promise to keep things quick! We've packed the latest updates for you in this video–in under 2 minutes. But, if you're still not up for watching, here's the rundown:

πŸ‘‰ Training events and education videos are coming in May

πŸ‘‰ New webinar series in the works


If you want to learn more about how the integration will help you and your students, head on over to this page. 

Explore Counselor Impact

Updates for Colleges

Our team has put together some solid resources for you since our initial announcement in January. Hear all about what we've crafted in this 2-minute video. Here are the takeaways:

πŸ‘‰ Integrator's Guide

πŸ‘‰ Application Profile Specification Guide

πŸ‘‰ Key Milestones Checklist


If you want to learn more about how the integration will help you and your prospects, head on over to this page. 

Explore College Impact

Learn more about applying with Scoir

Beginning in August 2022, students will be able to use Scoir to apply to Coalition member institutions. Explore how this will help you based on your role.

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