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For Students: What Does it Mean to Follow a College?

With spring amping up, it's time to start following colleges in Scoir! Check out what it means to add a college to your list, plus our latest updates to the student Message Center!  

What does it mean to follow a college?

Whether you're new to Scoir or just want a refresher, it can be helpful to remember what it means to follow a college! On the platform, you can search for and add schools to My Colleges in either the Following, Applying, Applied, or Not Interested columns.

Screenshot 2023-02-28 at 3.56.29 PM

Why would I follow a college?

When you follow a college, you add it to your My Colleges list as a school you're interested in; this means you can receive messages from the college, hear about exciting upcoming events and application deadlines, and be presented with information from the college about majors, special programs, etc.

Can colleges see my profile on Scoir?

Never! While colleges can see that someone is interested, they can't see that you specifically are interested. This means that you can connect with colleges, earlier in the process, without sharing your personal information. You're in control. If you're no longer interested in a college, simply mark the college as Not Interested—you won't receive messages from them on Scoir! 

So in short, you're in the driver's seat! On Scoir, you won't receive messages from colleges you're not interested in; only schools you follow can message you :) 

Where do I start?

New to all of this? No problem! We've got 6 tips for getting started with creating a college list, including questions to ask yourself and certain qualities to look for. 

We challenge you to follow at least 6-8 colleges to start...Follow your first one today!

Speaking of messages, we've released exciting improvements to our Message Center just in time for juniors and underclassmen to start exploring colleges on Scoir!

Grouped messages by college 

With our new message grouping, students can easily view all of their conversations with each of the colleges they follow at a glance!

Grouped messages by college

Follow Similar Colleges

Students can get personalized recommendations for other colleges they may like, based on their search preferences, with the new Follow Similar Colleges section! 

Follow similar colleges

Provide anonymous feedback on messages!

Finally, in order to better understand whether a message is helpful, students can anonymously provide feedback for colleges about a message with a simple 👍 or 👎.

Share anonymous feedback with a thumbs up or thumbs down!


With this refresher and these Message Center updates in your back pocket, we know your college list is going to be growing fast! Have fun with it and enjoy exploring all that Scoir has to offer!

Learn the next steps in your college journey - Scoir College Planning Guide

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