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Insights and Stories

Can Residential Colleges and Living Learning Communities Enhance Your College Experience?

When most people think about living on campus, they think about the traditional college dorm with beds bunked over desks, shared bathrooms, and a Residential Assistant (RA) living down the hall. However, one of the best kept secrets, or at least ...
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Safety/Level/Reach: 5 Factors in Creating the Best College List for You

Starting the college search process is often an emotional experience for students and parents alike. While some students start making lists in 8th grade, others will ...
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Is College Regulated? How Accreditation Agencies Ensure a Quality Education

Earning a college degree can be as much of an investment as purchasing a car or even mortgaging a home, but what if that costly diploma doesn’t hold as much value as ...
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6 Ways to Make the Most out of Your High School Summers

While writing this blog post, Alice Cooper’s song “School’s Out for Summer” has been playing on repeat in my head. I have visions of high school students running out ...
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Going on a College Tour? Helpful Preparation Tips and a College Evaluation Form

With spring break just around the corner, now is a great time to start planning visits to colleges that you might be interested in attending. If you plan on taking a ...
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A College Search Guide for Students with Learning Disabilities and Attention Disorders

Most parents worry about sending their son or daughter off to college. However, for those parents whose children have learning disabilities or attention disorders, ...
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ACT or SAT? Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Best Test for You

Knowing which test to take can help relieve some of the stresses caused by the college admissions process. Students usually take the test that has been historically ...
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Relationships Matter . . . Even for College Admissions

In this Huffington Post article, recent high school graduate Ella Gonzalez offers insights and advice based on her reflections of the college admissions process that ...
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Declaration of the Students of America

When in the pursuit of higher education, admissions processes impede holistic consideration of those for whom they exist and it becomes necessary for these ...
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