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Insights and Stories

Quotes to Consider from Admissions Leaders

Over the past few months we’ve met with admissions leaders to discuss how they were navigating the changes in the recruitment process as part of the Deans of Admissions Series for the Inside College Admissions podcast. We heard from a range of ...
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Key Themes from This Year's Recruitment Cycle

Last month we met with some of our Launch Partner Program colleges to discuss their biggest challenges and successes in admissions over the past year as they shifted ...
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Recruiting Gen Z: Best Practices for Prospective Student Communications

This summer we surveyed high school students using Scoir about their college search to gain insights into the resources they rely on, what matters most, and the ...
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Colleges: It’s Time to Reconsider Name Buys

This is an abridged version of a recent podcast episode where we sit down with a high school counselor to discuss why colleges should rethink their strategy when it ...
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