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4 min read

How to Convince Your Team to Add Scoir to Your Recruitment Strategy

How to Convince Your Team to Add Scoir to Your Recruitment Strategy

As a college admissions professional, you know your way around enrollment marketing tools. Especially this time of year, the pressure is on to maximize the tools you have.

You may be thinking: How can we reach students more efficiently? Are the tools we have really worth the investment? 

Perhaps you even have a tool in mind you want your team to utilize. 

If you’re considering Scoir as an enrollment marketing tool, this article can help convince your colleagues to jump on board!

We’ll explore what to tell your team about Scoir, including:


What is Scoir?

Scoir expands college access and improves student outcomes by connecting students, supporters, high schools, and colleges with simple software and solutions for a better admissions experience. Roughly 1 million students, 200,000 parents/guardians, and 10,000 counselors use Scoir.

We help colleges specifically with their student recruitment and enrollment marketing. 

We get colleges in front of the right students and make real connections on the network where discovery, search, and planning for college happens.

Every college has a profile on Scoir, similar to a social media profile. When you become a Scoir partner, you can take your profile to the next level, message students who follow your school on Scoir, and see insights about those who follow you.


Why You Should Consider Scoir


Scoir helps college admissions teams:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Reduce stress

…all by helping colleges meet high-intent, best-fit students as early as freshman year of high school.

It only takes a few hours per month to manage your presence on Scoir, making it a great option for busy teams (or, you can pay us to do it for you with Managed Subscriptions).


Scoir can be a great fit for your institution if you’re looking to:

  • Expand your funnel and grow your audience 
  • Get ahead of the changing market dynamics (the Search Cliff and enrollment cliff, for example)
  • Focus on reaching students who are highly likely to yield

Scoir is different from other enrollment marketing solutions in that:

  • We help colleges reach new, diverse stealth students where they’re at with Premium Presence
  • We allow colleges to reach students and student influencers (think: parents/guardians) via in-app Messaging
  • You have the option to let us join your team (at a much lower cost than a full-time team member) with Managed Subscriptions
  • You can view in-depth data insights on who is interested in your college on Scoir and segment your communications accordingly (Title 1, first gen, rural students, etc.) with our Insights Dashboard

…all while protecting students’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII). 

Scoir is the only network built for full-funnel enrollment marketing.

Scoir has solutions for every stage in your marketing funnel, and you can see that at a glance in this slide from the event Why Scoir is a Must-Have Enrollment Marketing Tool. Sign up for the next one for more information on how Scoir can support your enrollment marketing goals.


To learn more about our packages, check out the Scoir pricing page for colleges.


Results of the Average Scoir College Partner


Expansion of Reach

  • Colleges that upgrade to Premium Presence reach 2x more students than those who don't
  • Our college partners find that 52-90% of their interested students on Scoir are stealth
  • Students are 87% more likely to engage with colleges that have a Premium Presence on Scoir
  • Of students who report their demographic information on Scoir, 28% are first generation students, 40% are students of color, and 31% have a family household income of less than $58,000
  • Partner colleges are seeing on average a 25% increase in new followers in a year, compared to non-partner colleges
  • Partner colleges can Message students whose college and career preferences match their institution's (at a much lower cost than name buys). With just 1 Message...
    • A state university in the south reached nearly 107K students, gained 128 followers, and saw almost 400 profile views
    • A private institution in the northeast reached over 130K students, gained more than 80 followers, and saw more than 700 profile views
    • An international college reached nearly 46K students, gained nearly 70 followers, and saw nearly 300 profile views

Increase in Student Applications and Yield

  • Colleges that used Scoir’s enrollment marketing solutions increased their number of 2023 applicants through Scoir by 51%, admits by 75%, and enrollments by 68%
  • 55% more students applied through Scoir this year than last year
  • Students apply to 1 in 2 of the schools they follow and 80% of seniors return to Scoir post-application
  • 84% of students who attended a partner session that they found on Scoir went on to submit an application
  • Students who receive messages on Scoir yield at a 12% higher rate than average and are 3x more likely to submit an application

Scoir Partner Success Stories

Check out the Scoir Case Studies page to learn how colleges like yours exceed their recruitment and yield goals with Scoir. Below are some case studies we'd recommend exploring first!

Premium Presence: A New Way to Recruit Students

This case study explores the impact of #Posts, a Premium Presence feature, for our college partners, including a breakdown of:

  • What #Posts are (your existing Scoir content, amplified)
  • How to create #Posts (it takes just a few minutes)
  • #Posts success stories from partner colleges (like Duke, Hope College, Hampshire College, and John Carroll University)

How Denison University Yielded 18% of their Freshman Class from Scoir

Learn how Denison is crushing their goals and achieved the following through Scoir: 

  • 109x ROI from Scoir in just one year
  • 16% of Denison’s Class of 2026 followers on Scoir are currently attending a Title I school
  • 12% of all of Denison’s followers on Scoir identify as first generation students*
  • 18% of Denison's Class of 2027 students are from Scoir, and Denison is projected to yield at least 14% for the Class of 2028!

Efficiently Connect with Stealth Students: A Premium Presence Case Study

Explore how 3 colleges expanded their reach on Scoir with Premium Presence, and the success they saw as a result. Here are some key stats:

  • UT Knoxville achieved a 1,988x ROI on Scoir in just one year
  • College partners with Premium Presence gain about 25% more new annual followers
  • Our college partners find that 52-90% of their interested students on Scoir are stealth

How to Get Started with Scoir

First, schedule a consultation to start a conversation with our team! We’ll:

  • See your institution’s growth trends YoY
  • Review Scoir student yield rates for your institution YoY 
  • Explore your audience insights and see where you’re drawing from nationally
  • Discover your institution’s unique insights to help identify full funnel engagement opportunities

If you like what you see, the next steps are to:

We’re so excited to meet you!


This article was originally published on January 23, 2024. It was updated on April 8, 2024 for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Let us help you maximize your investment in Scoir. Learn more - illustration of person interacting with Scoir reports
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