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Insights and Stories

Reconsidering Standardized Testing

In the wake of coronavirus, colleges and universities across the US have reconsidered their testing policies - most have gone test-optional. So, what does this mean for students applying to college? Should students not take standardized tests at ...
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College vs University [And Other Higher Education Institutions]

Sorting through educational options can be like making a selection from diverse menu offerings at a great restaurant. You can order fish or steak. What about chicken ...
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Life After the PSAT: Making the Most of Your PSAT Results

Winter is a time of important revelations for students in the college planning process. For many high school Juniors, the release of PSAT results will start to give ...
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SAT and ACT Resource Guide: From Free Prep to Private Tutoring

“Help! My daughter is a junior, and I have no idea what to do. Should she take the SAT? The ACT? How should she prepare? Do we use a tutor? An online class? Which ...
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Confused by “Score Choice, Superscoring, and Test Flexible”?

Most people who are venturing into the college admission process have heard about the SAT and the ACT tests. For many, their knowledge ends there. Most are confused ...
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ACT or SAT? Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Best Test for You

Knowing which test to take can help relieve some of the stresses caused by the college admissions process. Students usually take the test that has been historically ...
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