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Scoir Blog

Spring Refresh: 5 Steps to Discover Your Match 🌷

Hey it’s Elena! It's finally spring (YAY!)! During this time of year, we know a lot of you juniors are getting started on Scoir so...it's time for a spring refresh! Here are the 5 steps you can take to discover your match!

For Students & Counselors: Scattergram Enhancements (Including Test-Optional!)

Check out the latest updates to Scattergrams for both the student and counselor experience!

For Students: What Does it Mean to Follow a College?

With spring amping up, it's time to start following colleges in Scoir! Check out what it means to...

For Students & Counselors: Discover and Match with Careers

Students can now take a fully integrated Career Interest Assessment in Scoir to be matched with...

For Students and Counselors: More Precise Application Outcomes

We’ve improved how outcomes are collected and reported!

For Students and Counselors: College Search Refresh

Check out the latest updates to the student and counselor experiences!  

For Students & Counselors: Discover & Manage Careers

We’ve made some updates to the Career Discovery experience! Head over to For Students & Counselors:...

Spring Events for Students & Families

Want to plan ahead for senior year? Curious about the college admissions process and want a place...

Giveaway: Celebrate Submitting your Applications! 🎁

Did somebody say giveaway?! 👀🎁🎧⁣We're all about taking time to celebrate the milestone of...

Our 2022 Year in Review

It's been an incredible year and we're so excited for the year to come. Let's take a look back at...