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7 min read

Considering Scoir for Your High School? Here’s What You Need to Know

Considering Scoir for Your High School? Here’s What You Need to Know

Hey there, counselors! 👋

Are you looking for ways to:

  • Save time?
  • Reduce manual work?
  • Support students with college and career readiness?

If you’re thinking… “Uh…yes!” then Scoir may be a great option for your high school.

Let’s walk through what Scoir is, how we’re different, and how Scoir supports counselors like you. We'll cover:

This blog post is a recap of our webinar: Considering Scoir? Ask Us Anything! Unlock the webinar replay for even more information on Scoir for high schools.


What is Scoir?

Scoir is a college and career readiness platform that expands college access and improves collegiate outcomes. Scoir’s Network connects students, parents/guardians, counselors, and college admissions staff.

In other words…our goal is to help more students get into college and launch successful careers while making your job easier.


What makes Scoir different?

If you currently have a college readiness platform, you may be thinking…“Why should we switch?”

Scoir stands out for four reasons:


1. Scoir protects student Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Protecting student privacy is a top priority of ours. That’s why we never sell student PII.


2. Scoir’s pricing model is simple

In support of our mission to expand college access, we discount Scoir for high schools by 50% for each student who receives free or reduced lunch.


3. Scoir brings all stakeholders together

Scoir connects colleges, high schools, students, parents/guardians, (and soon, CBOs!) all in one platform. 

  • More than 1,700 colleges and universities use Scoir to connect with best-fit students
  • More than 2,200 high schools across the country trust Scoir to guide their students through the college discovery and admissions process (including half of the Niche Top 1,000 Best College Prep Private Schools and 600 Title I schools)
  • Nearly 10,000 high school counselors use Scoir to support their students
  • Nearly 1 million students use Scoir
  • We’re growing the number of students and parents/guardians on the network by 40% each year


4. We make change easy

Does the thought of migrating platforms right now make your skin crawl?

With counselor burnout rates higher than ever, and many counseling teams spread thin, we're working diligently to make your life easier.

We handle the data migration so you can spend more time supporting students. Our super simple training and onboarding process makes learning how to use Scoir simple and speedy for your entire team. 

Plus, Scoir’s modern design is intuitive for students to use, so they’ll be off to the races immediately!


We’re proud to be the second-largest and fastest-growing platform of our kind! 

One reason we’re growing so fast is because of the robust collection of features for counselors and students. In fact, we love hearing from counselors and a lot of our features are built based on their feedback! 


What are Scoir’s top features for counselors?

Kelly Weber, a former high school counselor, shares her top 10 favorite features in Scoir (all of which she used extensively as a high school counselor 🙌)!

To hear even more from Kelly about her experience using Scoir as a high school counselor, this article is a great next read: How to Use Scoir to Optimize Your Counseling Responsibilities.


1. Assessments

Kick off the career and college discovery journey within one class period with Assessments! We offer a 5-minute career interest assessment and the PrinciplesYou character-based assessment. 

As students identify their interests, they can narrow their search in Scoir by filtering careers based on:

  • Career clusters
  • Education needed
  • Income
  • Outlook

Students can also select their academic preferences to better match with colleges that support the education requirements of specific careers!

Counselors like you can view each student's career assessment results and academic preferences to better understand your students’ tendencies and talents.

We also offer a College Match Quiz to help students start their college list.


2. Calendar Management

Counselors can set up office hours right on their calendar in Scoir, which students can then see and register for on their Student Dashboard. 

And, yup—you can sync your Scoir calendar directly with your Google or Microsoft Outlook calendar.


3. Visits

When counselors set their availability for visits in Scoir, college reps can view this and schedule a time to meet with your students. You can require booking confirmation and RSVP status, too.

Last year, over 42,000 college visits were scheduled!


4. Dashboard

The Counselor Dashboard is the go-to place for your counselor caseload, with the ability to toggle between class years. You can see who has been accepted and enrolled into college plus outstanding student requests, like documents that need to be sent out for specific students. We also give counselors visibility into which colleges are most popular among students at your high school to track admissions trends.


5. Scoir Mobile App

Scoir has an iOS mobile app for students, parents/guardians, and counselors to access all Scoir has to offer. We have a 5-star rating by over 1,800 users!


6. Document Sending

Our electronic document delivery system improves accuracy and saves counselors time. We help you keep track of document deadlines, and mass upload documents to colleges. We’ve sent well over 1 million documents and counting!

You can keep track of all your sent docs with key details like document type, college send date, and more.


7. File Sharing

We also enable counselors to share files directly with students and parents/guardians in the My Drive section in Scoir. For example, students can upload their college essays to My Drive for counselors to review.

Counselors can also upload course catalogs and other important information that they want readily available for their students. 

And, to save you one less email to send, students receive a notification when new documents have been added.


8. Letter of Recommendation Requests

Letter of recommendation requests can be sent from students directly to teachers and counselors in Scoir. If they choose, high schools can allow teachers to view brag sheets from students, as well as their extracurriculars list.

Counselors can toggle on or off if students are allowed to request recommendations from teachers.


9. Forms

We make collecting student information easy! Counselors can create their own Forms in Scoir and share them with specific students and parents/guardians, or a large group of recipients. 

With Scoir, you can spin up Forms quickly, with multiple question types to choose from and the ability to set questions as required. 

Counselors love using this tool to share a student support survey, a transition to high school survey, and more.

You can easily see responses from the Student Roster view or the Form Results view.


10. Standard and Customized Reports

Scoir has 7 standard reports on student outcomes, applications, scholarships and awards, class profiles, and more. Based on the information they’re looking for, counselors can also create custom reports.

Beyond Kelly’s top 10 features, we’ve got much more to check out! Request a Scoir walkthrough to speak with our team about how these features can support your school, or check out our high school features page to explore on your own.


What does moving to Scoir look like for high schools?

All the details are on our onboarding page for high schools. You can also find a PDF version of the onboarding steps for easy reference.

Here are the steps at a glance:

  1. Meet your Customer Success Manager and send your data to Scoir
  2. Complete Scoir U training
  3. Schedule a pre-rollout meeting
  4. Rollout to students

...and then you're ready to go!

Our team will be there for you every step of the way. Helping you and your students is our priority. We respond to 99% of support tickets within 24 hours.


How does Scoir compare to other college and career readiness solutions?

Check out the following resources for comparisons between:

Here are the highlights:

  • Scoir is the lowest-cost college and career readiness solution in the market
  • Scoir puts students first; we protect student PII
  • Scoir is a Network where students can connect with colleges and find careers that may be a good fit

FAQs About Scoir

Here are some common questions we're asked about the Scoir counselor experience, along with our answers.


Q: How much does Scoir cost?

A: Please view our high school pricing page for up-to-date information. We discount our solutions equal to the percentage of students receiving free or reduced lunch in your school or district.


Q: Can students apply with Common App, college website, etc. while using Scoir?

A: Yes. Scoir supports counselors and students no matter their application method. Students can apply to Coalition member colleges directly through Scoir, saving them time and providing them with resources on affordability and fee waivers. There is no middleman between Scoir and the institution, allowing counselors to send docs directly to colleges and universities quickly.


Q: What does training and implementation look like?

A: When you join Scoir, you’re assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager who works with you 1:1 to ensure a successful rollout. Check out the high school onboarding page for more info.


Q: How can historical data from Naviance be transferred?

A: Our support team does the heavy lifting for you to import current and historical data. We provide a step-by-step guide for exporting data from Naviance.


Q: Does Scoir allow students or counselors to mark which applications were submitted with or without test scores?

A: Yes, counselors and students can indicate test optional.


Q: What do you offer in terms of SEL?

A: All counselors, regardless of whether they use Scoir, can access Scoir U, our professional development certifications for changemakers.


Q: Can Scoir help our school meet our state's college and career readiness standards?

A: We do our best to support schools as they meet college and career readiness standards in their state. You can learn more about how Scoir supports schools in your state on the following pages. If yours isn't listed yet, stay tuned! We are working on building these out.

You can also reach out to our team for more info. They'll be able to answer your questions!


Q: Which career readiness tools does Scoir provide?

In Spring 2024, we expanded Scoir to include Career Readiness for middle and high schools!

Through Scoir, counselors and students can utilize the following Career Readiness features:

  • Task Assignment & Management

  • Evidence Collection via Forms

  • Career & Character Assessments

  • Career Discovery (Career Pages and Matching)

  • Summer Program Exploration

  • Help Desk & Email Support

You can learn more about our packages on our pricing page for middle and high schools.


Q: Will Scoir offer a Career Readiness Curriculum?

Yes! We're launching our Career Readiness Curriculum in the fall of 2024. Sign up for the Career Readiness Waitlist to hear as soon as it's live.


Ready to learn how Scoir can support your specific needs? Request a Scoir walkthrough, and we'll give you a $10 gift card.


This article was originally published on August 31, 2023. It was updated on June 7, 2024 for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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