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3 min read

Content Topics to Consider for Each Enrollment Funnel Stage

Content Topics to Consider for Each Enrollment Funnel Stage

As staff support yield activity, faculty wrap up classes, and students find quiet corners to finish up their final projects, everyone is working hard to finish the spring strong.

For many of you, this is the last big rush of activity before the summer comes. Many campuses are about to find stillness, a time to reflect and prepare for the academic year ahead.

After a year unlike any other, you deserve a break. Summer is a great time to revisit your content strategy from a high level (and have fun with it!). 

Let’s begin by breaking down the enrollment funnel stages, and then jump into content ideas (for your website, blog, emails, social media, and more) for each stage in the student’s journey.


Enrollment Funnel Example Framework

There are multiple variations of the enrollment funnel. Here we outline the most common one.

We’ve divided the funnel into the 3 funnel groups (Top, Middle, and Bottom) and 6 funnel stages.


Top of the Funnel (TOFU)

Students at the top of the funnel have identified higher education as a potential post-high school plan. TOFU students are leads.

Prospects are currently in your database at this stage. They likely have interacted with your institution in a light-touch way, whether through college fairs, your website, etc. Or, your institution may have gathered their name from a referral source or a list.

Inquiries are students who have taken their relationship with your institution a step further. This could mean signing up to receive some sort of communication from you, whether that’s an email newsletter, following on social media, or similar actions. At this stage, institutions are encouraging students to take a variety of actions, from scheduling college tours to talking to their admissions point of contact on campus.

Key Stats to Track: Keyword ranking, click-through rates, open rates


Middle of the Funnel (MOFU)

Students in the middle of the funnel have built a college list and are starting to apply to colleges on that list. MOFU students may be considered Marketing Qualified Leads.

Applicants have applied to your institution (and others). They may start sitting in on a class in their preferred study area at your institution at this stage or are ironing out financial aid.

Admits have received an acceptance letter from your college. They may have the opportunity to meet fellow students and more faculty and staff at this stage or start thinking about pre-college events.

Key Stats to Track: Follow to application rate (on each marketing channel)


Top of the Funnel (BOFU)

When students reach the bottom of the funnel, they start to take serious action in response to their acceptance letter. TOFU students may be considered Customers.

Deposits include students and families who put down their deposits. 

Enrolls are beginning orientation and starting to enroll in classes. 

Key Stats to Track: Yield and melt


Content Topics for the Enrollment Funnel Stages

Content can help students as they progress through every stage in the enrollment funnel. The more personalized and helpful you can make that content, the better. 

These topic ideas can be used on multiple channels, from your website or blog to social media to email marketing to tools like Scoir.


Content Ideas for Students at the Top of the Funnel


Prospects and Inquiries

  • A Glimpse Into Campus Life at [Your Institution]
  • The Top 10 Academic Programs at [Your Institution]
  • The Most Popular Student Programs at [Your Institution]
  • A History of Athletics at [Your Institution]
  • Pre-College Program Opportunities for Students Like You
  • The Top 5 Most Unique Campus Organizations and Clubs at [Your Institution]
  • Upcoming Events at [Your Institution] and How to Make the Most of Them
  • What to Expect at a Campus Tour at [Your Institution]
  • How to Prepare for a Campus Tour
  • How [Your Institution] Helps Students Prepare for a Great Career
  • How to Choose the Right College for You
  • Benefits of Going to College in a Rural/Suburban/Urban Area
  • 5 Words That Describe [Your Institution]’s Culture
  • Humans of [Your Institution]
  • Why You Should Consider Adding [Your Institution] to Your College List


Content Ideas for Students in the Middle of the Funnel



  • Your Guide to the Application Process at [Your Institution]
  • Step-by-Step Guide to the FAFSA and Financial Aid for Applicants to [Your Institution]
  • Professor/Faculty Spotlight
  • Everything You Need to Know About Applying to [Your Institution]
  • The Best Study Abroad Programs at [Your Institution]
  • Why You Should Consider Studying Abroad



  • Pre-College Programs to Consider at [Your Institution]
  • Rising Freshman College Checklist
  • What It’s Like to Sit in on a College Class
  • How to Excel During Your First Semester at College
  • How to Build Relationships with Professors and Faculty (And Why You Should)
  • How to Prioritize Your Well-Being in College
  • Adapting to the College Life
  • How to Choose a Major and Minor (With a List of Your Options at [Your Institution])

Content Ideas for Students at the Bottom of the Funnel



  • Getting Ready for Your First Day at [Your Institution]
  • Our Top Tips on Purchasing Books and Other Class Materials on a Budget
  • Dorms and Campus Living 101 at [Your Institution]
  • The Ultimate College Packing List
  • How to Get Involved in Campus Organizations and Clubs at [Your Institution]
  • How to Connect with Our Alumni Network
  • You’re Accepted! Now What?



  • How to Sign Up for College Classes the First Time
  • How Signing Up for College Classes Works
  • Your Guide to the First Day of College
  • Interactive [Your Institution] Campus Map
  • All About [Your Institution] Campus Transportation
  • Orientation Tips for New Students
  • Campus Support Services to Know About
  • How to Make the Most of Your Time at [Your Institution]


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