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3 min read

The Top Questions Students Ask Us About the New Digital SAT

The Top Questions Students Ask Us About the New Digital SAT

This blog post is part of a series between Test Innovators and Scoir. You can read the other part of the series on the Test Innovators blog.

As you prepare for the digital SAT, odds are you’ve had some questions (and feelings!) arise.

The rumor mill is running, so we sat down to lay out the facts for you.

Here are the top questions we’re hearing from students about the new digital SAT. Read on to fill in some blanks (this is also a great way to reduce your test anxiety and focus on studying!).

There’s so many questions that keep popping up that we split this topic into two blog posts. Check out the second part on the Test Innovators blog!

The Top Questions We Hear About the Digital SAT

1. Is the digital SAT harder than the old SAT? (Or is the digital SAT easier?) 

The general consensus is that the digital SAT is slightly easier than the paper-and-pencil SAT (don’t get too excited, though!).

Here’s why:

  • The test is computer adaptive, meaning it adjusts its difficulty based on your performance. How you do in the first module of each section determines the level of difficulty of the questions you see in the second module.
  • The digital SAT is 46 minutes shorter than the paper SAT, and has 56 fewer questions
  • The Reading and Writing sections are combined, and have shorter passages, helping to reduce the number of questions
  • More time is allotted to complete each question
  • You’ll be able to use a calculator for all the math questions…right on your screen!

While the digital SAT may seem slightly easier, students will still need to study and prep properly beforehand. Let this be a confidence booster for you and help give you some study motivation!


2. Do colleges accept test scores from the digital SAT, and can I superscore?

There are a few questions to unfurl in this one. Here are the answers:

  1. Colleges will accept test scores from the digital SAT
  2. The digital SAT and paper SAT can be superscored together. Each college handles superscoring differently, so make sure to check all the colleges on your list to ensure they accept superscoring across the digital and paper SAT
  3. While colleges differ on their superscoring policies, if a college permits the submission of superscores, you can with the digital SAT

Super score, test optional…huh? Check out this article on superscoring, test optional, and more to learn what we mean!


3. When can I take the digital SAT?

Typically, students take the SAT during the spring of their junior year.

As Sara from Test Innovators explains: “If you live in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, you can take the digital SAT starting in March of 2024. If you live elsewhere, you can take the digital SAT now.”

Check out this digital SAT flowchart from Test Innovators for a visual timeline.


4. Where can I take the digital SAT?

The digital SAT must be taken at a College Board testing center, such as your high school. You can’t take the digital SAT at home.


5. When will I get my scores?

Good news: you will have a lot less time to wait. Instead of waiting multiple anxiety-ridden weeks to receive your scores, you will receive your digital SAT results in just 2-3 weeks, and potentially in a few days. 


6. Where can I find my scores, and how can I share them?

When the time comes, you can access your digital SAT scores in your College Board Student Scores Report account

You can share your scores with schools, counselors, and others from your College Board account. College Board has in-depth directions on that here. You’ll go to your “Send SAT Scores” page and select the colleges to which you want to send your scores. Typically, a fee is required to do this, unless you qualify for a fee waiver. 

If a college allows you to self-report your test scores, this is a great no-cost option. You can find more details on that by reading through each school’s application process or right in Scoir!


7. Is the cost of the digital SAT different from the paper SAT?

The registration fee of the digital SAT and the paper SAT remain the same at $60. The fee waiver requirements are the same as well. 

For a full outline of the fees, check out the SAT Test Fees page on the College Board website.


Ready to learn more about the next steps to take after the digital SAT? Scoir’s Student Guide to College Planning is a great resource.

Check out the Test Innovators blog for the second part of the digital SAT FAQs series! In their blog post, they answer the following questions:

  • How long is the digital SAT?
  • Do I need to bring my own computer and calculator on test day?
  • What’s a good test score on the digital SAT?
  • How does scoring work on the digital SAT?
  • Can I go back to previous questions?
  • How do I study and increase my score on the digital SAT?
  • How many reading passages are on the digital SAT, and how long are the passages?
  • What math is on the digital SAT?
  • When will the College Board phase out the paper SAT? And do colleges give preference to one version of the test over the other?

Looking to learn even more about the digital SAT? Celena from Test Innovators joined us to talk about the digital SAT and all you need to know on our podcast!



Learn more about the partnership between Test Innovators and Scoir.

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