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Coming August 2022

Apply with Scoir

Not another application.
A better process.

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A message from Gerry McCrory, Scoir Founder and CEO

Applying to college can be confusing, cumbersome, and often discouraging. Through a technology integration with Slate by Technolutions, Scoir is simplifying the college application experience for all students, with a special focus on assisting underserved students.

Beginning in August 2022, students will be able to use Scoir to apply to Coalition member institutions. 

What is Scoir

Scoir is a mission-oriented company focused on expanding college access and improving student outcomes. Scoir’s cloud-based College Admissions Network provides tools and resources that streamline and improve college admissions for everyone involved in the process. 

Students can engage on the network as early as freshman year. They learn more about their unique talents and interests, apply them to the search process, and ultimately identify best-fit colleges. 

From discovery to application, Scoir protects students’ personally identifiable information (PII).

Now, we have the opportunity to greatly simplify the process for students to identify and apply to institutions with a track record of producing better outcomes by enabling a new application method.


How this will work

Beginning in August 2022, students will be able to use Scoir to apply to Coalition member institutions

In support of this new integration, Coalition for College will discontinue its standalone application portal. Instead, students will be able to apply to Coalition member institutions directly through Scoir. 

How this helps you



Students will apply to Coalition colleges via Scoir, using their profiles already on file. Your counseling process won't change (except for the better!)



You'll apply to Coalition colleges via Scoir. The minute you begin populating your profile in Scoir, you've made it easier to start the application process.



Coalition colleges can receive applications from students on Scoir. Be an admissions hero with a student-centered application process.

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Why we're working with Technolutions & Coalition for College

Together, we’ll affect a broader collective impact than we can on our own. Each organization will focus on what it does best:

  • Slate by Technolutions acts as the backbone of admission operations for more than 1,500 institutions across the country
  • Coalition for College membership ensures that colleges demonstrate a proven commitment to access, affordability, and student success by graduating students on time with minimal college debt, including historically underrepresented students 
  • Scoir builds intuitive student-centric software that solves complex workflows for students, parents, high schools, and colleges to help alleviate the stress and anxiety of the admission process


General FAQs

Coalition for College will discontinue its standalone application portal in support of the new product integration between Scoir and Slate by Technolutions. 

Yes. Scoir is a student-centric company. In keeping with its Student Privacy Pledge, Scoir does not sell, lease, lend, exchange, or otherwise share student PII with any third-parties. The only time Scoir will disclose student PII is when a student submits an application, through the integration, for admission to a college or university.  

Students already using Scoir will be able to seamlessly apply to all participating Coalition member institutions, without needing to create a separate Coalition account or enter the same information twice in a separate website.