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Three Resources to Simplify Your College Planning

Honestly, whether you’re brand new to or already a pro at the college search process, there’s always new information being thrown at you about college planning.

It can be really difficult (and time-consuming) to find the best, most reliable sources of information, so to help you out, we’ve listed some of our favorite college planning preparation and exploration resources. 



In case you missed it: Earlier this year, we announced an exciting update. Starting August 2022, Scoir will enable students to apply to Coalition Colleges through a new product integration with Slate. (What does this mean for you? You can read more about it here!


Applying to college can be confusing, complex, and often discouraging. So, we pulled together some resources from Coalition for College that can help you feel more confident in your college planning! 




Coalition for College offers students equal access to college-planning tools that encourage exploration, self-reflection, and discovery. You can find a ton of free articles and videos here, broken down into key categories. Coalition also offers many online events, giving you the chance to gain personal insights from leaders in admissions. With a handful of recent spring that you can watch here, more are still ahead. Explore their events calendar here



Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a peer mentor to walk you through every step of the college application process? Let us introduce Matriculate.

[Matriculate] Rectangle Logo


Matriculate is a national nonprofit that provides free virtual college advising to low-income high-achieving students across the country through a near-peer mentorship model. They will be working with 3,500 students in the Class of 2023–the application is now open! Get the full details and application criteria here, and consider applying today! It should only take about five minutes to complete. If you have any questions or want more information, feel free to contact their team at students@matriculate.org.



Managing homework AND college apps can be a struggle. If you’ve ever wished you could have (or offer) live 1:1 peer tutoring, this resource is for you.




Schoolhouse is a non-profit started by Sal Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, that provides free peer tutoring over Zoom. Get extra help in math, SAT Prep, and more in 1:1 live homework help and small-group sessions–all alongside a global community of students like you. It’s easy to sign up–and free! To learn more, create an account today. Or, if you're interested in reaching learners from around the world, getting volunteer hours, building leadership skills, and boosting your college resume, consider becoming a volunteer tutor

Learn more about Scoir

Are you a student or family member hoping to learn more about how Scoir can help you with your college journey? Find out more here.

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