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Dorm Room Essentials


Hiiiii! It's Elena, and if it's ~summertime~ by you, you might be curious about what to pack for college. In our newest podcast episode, we talk about Dorm Room Essentials, and the things you'll definitely want to bring (and NOT bring) to college with you! Why do you need flip-flops for your dorm's shower? And can bringing a box of Cheez-its really make your day in college? Listen and find out!

For more college tips, check out our What I Wish I Knew Before College series! Happy packing!! —Elena


Scoir's Ultimate College Packing List

Scoir's Ultimate College Packing List


Now you have our Ultimate College Packing List! YAY! Happy packing!

To hear our grads' full advice, head to Part 1 of "Dorm Room Essentials", available wherever you listen to podcasts. Follow us on Instagram (@scoirinc) for more in this series! See you next time for more college advice! ☺️

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