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How You Can Use Scoir if Your High School Doesn’t

Back to school season is upon us. You’ve likely got some mixed feelings, especially if you’re headed into your last years of high school.

Preparing for college and trying to get through the rest of high school? Big oof. 

Don't worry though, we've got you. You found us, so let us help you out! 

Whether you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior, Scoir can help you on the path to college and career.

Here are the top 5 things we recommend doing in Scoir (especially if your high school doesn’t use Scoir). 

5 Ways to Use Scoir if Your High School Doesn't

Just for context: some high school counselors use Scoir to help guide students through the college search and application process. You can check with your guidance counselor to see if your school uses Scoir.

If you found Scoir on your own, kudos to you for being proactive about college!

Now, for the tips.


1. Update Your Profile ✨👤✨

First things first, make sure your profile is up-to-date! Filling in your personal information, as well as your Activities and Achievements, can get you one step closer to completing your college applications when you apply with Scoir. 

Also, adding your College Preferences to your profile can ensure you're receiving accurate College Matches.

Why this is important: This information helps us recommend colleges to you and helps you complete your college applications faster.


2. Search, Discover, or Take the Find Your College Match Quiz 🔎

Discover colleges by adding filters like Academic Focus, College Location, Size, Personal Interests & Activities, and more. Want Scoir to do some matchmaking for you? Take our 2-minute quiz and we'll show you colleges that may be a match!

Our blog post on finding your college fit can help as well.

Why this is important: You’re likely be hearing from a lot of people and a lot of colleges about where you should attend. We can help you filter through the noise and prioritize your interests, financial aid opportunities, location, majors, and more.


3. Organize Your List in My Colleges 🏫

Keep track of all your colleges, from those you're Following to those where you've Applied in My Colleges. Be sure to update your list as you go!

Building a college list can be overwhelming at first. Remember: you don’t have to build it all at once!

Why this is important: A list of colleges that fit your needs and wants provides direction on where to apply come senior year.


4. Take the Career Interest Assessment 💼

Explore careers that pique your interest by taking the Career Interest Assessment; from there, learn more about possible future career paths for you!

Why this is important: Before you apply to colleges, it’s helpful to have a sense of what jobs interest you. While (contrary to popular belief) you don’t need to have it all figured out right now, having a general sense of which jobs you may want can make a huge difference in where you apply. 


5. Apply to College with Ease ⚡

When the time comes to apply to colleges, you can start your application with ease to 130+ colleges.  Plus, did someone say free?! You can also check your fee waiver eligibility right in Scoir. 

Why this is important: No explanation needed 💰

If you’d like to learn more about Scoir and how we can help you, follow us on Instagram. We also have a longer resource on how to apply to colleges with Scoir.

Learn the next steps in your college journey - Scoir College Planning Guide

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