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How to Prepare for NACAC 2023

So, you’ve signed up for NACAC. You have your ticket and transportation planned, but odds are, you’ve been so busy it’s been hard to think ahead much more than that.

No worries. That’s why we did the thinking for you and wrote this blog post!

Read on to learn:

Quick Facts About NACAC 2023

Where: Baltimore, Maryland in the Baltimore Convention Center

When: September 21-23

Theme: The Power of Us

According to NACAC, the theme reflects the following: “We know the power of us – our energizing and caring community – can be a catalyst for change. With our shared strengths, we can carry forward the promise of our profession.”

About the Event

With 200 exhibitors, over 100 educational sessions, and more than 6,000 expected attendees, you’re in for a great 3 days of networking and learning! You can expect to meet college counseling peers and vendors that can help you improve your college counseling skills.

NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling) was founded in 1937, and has gathered more than 25,000 members, making this one of the top organizations for college counselors.

Be sure to refer to the NACAC 2023 schedule as you plan your days at the event. You can attend:

  • College Tours
  • Workshops
  • Solutions Showcases
  • Learning Lounges
  • Education Sessions
  • And more!

Come Visit Us!

Swing by booth #1623 to meet us! We’d love to get to know you. We’ll be right by the food!

Be sure to stop by on Friday, September 22 at 12:30PM ET to hear Gerry McCrory, our co-founder and CEO, share some super exciting updates about Scoir. While not required, we’d love to know if you’ll be there. RSVP here and you’ll be entered to win a Scoir U letterman jacket or jersey!

Representatives from our Success, Support, Sales, and Leadership teams will be there.

We have a fun theme prepared for our booth. Any guesses? 🤔🏈

8 NACAC Conference Tips From Our Team

This isn’t our first rodeo! Read on for some NACAC conference tips from our team.

1. For goodness sake, wear comfy shoes 👟

Oh, and by the way, jeans are just fine. 


2. Get your badge early 📛

That way, you can just walk right in on the first day. They will most likely be handing them out in front or just inside of the Baltimore Convention Center.


3. Bring food (or be prepared to pay for it) 🍎

You’re gonna get hungry from all the walking, so be sure to bring some snacks and a water bottle, if you can. Or stop by the Scoir booth to grab some!


4. Update your Linkedin beforehand 🖥️

Odds are, you’ll be making some new connections. Make sure your Linkedin bio, job title, and job status are up to date so people can easily find you on Linkedin.


5. Make sure you have your business cards 📇

Gotta make sure people remember you!


6. Plan your days 🗓️

Look at the schedule ahead of time and make note of which sessions you want to attend and booths you want to visit.


7. Know your goals going in ✔️

Do you want to network? Talk to your current vendors or meet new ones? Attend educational sessions?


8. Rest 😴

Take breaks in the morning and evening, so you have the energy to talk to peeps. You will have long days, but it will be worth it!


To get more of your questions answered, check out these helpful links from NACAC.

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