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Former High School Counselor: How Scoir Keeps Students at the Center

Before Scoir, I spent four years working in the Community-Based-Organization space supporting marginalized communities of students, primarily supporting Title 1 schools and school districts. 

During my time working in Philadelphia, PA and Camden, NJ, it became increasingly clear to me that students needed the resources and spaces to pursue their post-secondary plans; whether it be in the workforce, taking a military path, pursuing trade school, taking a gap year, or pursuing a 2 or 4-year degree. 

The thing that drew me the most to Scoir was that it is proportionally discounted based on the percentage of students receiving free & reduced lunch. This pricing structure equitably and meaningfully expands access to the students who need Scoir the most. 
Increase Access

As the conversation continues shifting to a more student-centered approach in all facets of post-high school options, so does Scoir’s emphasis on supporting students and their respective decisions to pursue post-secondary education plans. 

Scoir has continued to lead the conversation, giving the power back to each individual student. In Scoir, students can learn more about their strengths within YouScience; students can share updates with their families and counselors through their MyDrive; apply directly to Coalition for College member schools, and now: counselors can begin purposefully educating students through the college and career exploration process beginning in 9th grade with the ASCA-aligned Scoir College Readiness Curriculum.

Scoir Curriculum

This curriculum was created by changemakers—real high school counselors who are in the trenches day in and day out—who have experienced, firsthand, students with interests and passions that extended past the “traditional” scope of education. Authored by Julie Kampschroeder, Scoir’s Title 1 Counselor in-Residence and retired Title 1 school counselor, and D’Lanna Mason, Ed.D, with a background in career development and school counseling, the college readiness curriculum is comprehensive so that all students in grades 9-12 feel confident about their postsecondary options and have a strong foundation to make their best-fit decisions as a senior. 

This curriculum is built for counselors to implement with their students, and includes resources to share with their supporters. It encourages students to begin thinking about their postsecondary next steps starting as early as 9th grade. Too often, students shelve thinking about what post-high school means for them until senior year. By that time, they may have diminished or even dismissed their options. We see this curriculum catching students that might not have awareness of local scholarships, or students who might disregard highly selective colleges because they think the cost is too high, or perhaps a student who might simply misunderstand the college process.

Scoir Curriculum

Featuring 55 lesson plans in total, each 15-20 minutes in length, this curriculum can easily be adapted within your curriculum for the upcoming academic year. Our College Readiness Curriculum is for all students, from first-generation and high-achieving low-income students to those who will continue a college-going tradition but still feel the pressure of making the right decision. Topics include creating a summer action plan during freshman year, a college timeline for juniors, understanding financial aid award letters, and learning about military careers for seniors, among many others. When these things are all tied together, it makes navigating a stressful system that much more manageable. The best part? This curriculum is made available to Scoir counselors at no cost. 

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Learn more about the Curriculum

We encourage you to take advantage of our new curriculum and learn more. For current customers, you can access all lessons under the Helpful Links section of your counselor dashboard. If you are considering Scoir for your school, you can preview a sample lesson plan here

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