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4 min read

How to Engage 2x More Students with Scoir's Advanced Solutions

How to Engage 2x More Students with Scoir's Advanced Solutions

College admissions is in a season of tremendous change. 

In light of the Search Cliff, we believe colleges have an opportunity to escape the soul-crushing act of cold emailing tens of thousands of students, and instead prioritize authentic connections. 

It’s an opportunity to help students more directly, and to pursue the students that are truly interested in your institution. 

In our recent webinar, we explained how we can help! This article is a summary of what we covered, including how to:

  • Engage 2x more students with Premium Presence
  • Connect and message with interested and stealth students, including their parents, as early as freshmen year
  • Leverage Scoir’s unique data insights to better understand and convert best-fit students

You can also gain access to the webinar recording, or sign up for the next live webinar.


Why Scoir Exists and Who We Help

Higher education creates advancement opportunities. Yet, many students do not realize this potential. Barriers like cost and information overload during the discovery process can make the college search experience overwhelming.

The reality is that 40% of high school graduates do not go to college, and 30% of college undergraduates do not complete their degree.

Our mission is to expand access to higher education through our admissions network connecting students, counselors, parents and guardians, CBOs, and colleges.


How we support colleges

The admissions landscape is filled with challenges for colleges as well, such as the recent decision on Affirmative Action and the impending Search Cliff

It is more important than ever to find ways to connect with purposeful students, rather than relying on mass email blasts and traditional recruitment strategies.

Through tools like Premium Presence and Outreach Messaging, colleges can reach stealth and underrepresented students through Scoir…students that are already interested in your institution.

Scoir can be an incredible addition to your college’s recruiting strategy.

Scoir is used by…

  • Nearly 1 million students
  • Nearly 10,000 high school counselors
  • More than 2,200 high schools
  • More than 1,700 colleges


Why We're Different

Scoir is more than just a student recruitment platform. When you work with Scoir, you’re choosing to leave those soul-crushing recruitment tactics behind.

We care about people and bringing results that help everyone involved in higher ed.

  1. We discount our high school solutions equal to the percentage of students receiving free or reduced lunch
  2. Scoir is free to all students, parents, and guardians
  3. We don’t sell student PII
  4. We provide data-driven services that lead to greater application and enrollment numbers for colleges


What We Offer

Scoir offers three packages for colleges:

  • Advanced Solutions
  • Applications
  • Admissions Essentials

Below, we outline these packages and the features that are included.


Advanced Solutions

The Advanced Solutions package provides the bulk of our student recruitment features for colleges.


1. Premium Presence

On Scoir, all colleges have a basic profile. It’s similar to a social media profile in that important information about your school is laid out for users to see. Things like financial aid, campus life, academics, and admission rate are included in college profiles.

One of our most popular offerings is Premium Presence, which allows colleges to level-up their college profile.

Illustration My Matches

Below, you can see the impact of becoming a Scoir partner college and utilizing Premium Presence profile on Scoir, based on a case study we completed last season.

  • Scoir partner colleges receive 51% more applications than non-partner colleges
  • Students that applied to partner colleges were admitted at a 75% higher rate and enrolled at a 68% higher rate compared to non-partner colleges on Scoir
  • Scoir partner colleges engage 2x more students than colleges without Premium Presence
  • Students are 87% more likely to engage with colleges that have Premium Presence
  • 50-85% of college partner interested students are stealth, meaning that they were not captured in the college’s CRM or other sources

How to Engage 2x More Students with Scoir's Advanced Solutions - statistics on Scoir Premium Presence

Statistics representing Premium Presence on Scoir

Premium Presence also includes:

  • Sharing Posts to engage interested students
  • Sharing virtual or in-person Events with interested students
  • Creating personalized Content on your college profile page
  • Unlimited Links to drive conversions on your website
  • Real-time editing (it takes less than 2 hours per year to manage your Premium Presence profile!)
  • Pre-population of your college profile page by our team!


2. Outreach Messaging

Mass emails are no longer the best way to reach students. On Scoir, you can directly message all students that have expressed interest in your college.

80% of Scoir mobile-app users have push notifications enabled. Students who read a message on Scoir are more than 3x as likely to submit an application to your college. 

The average admit rate for students who read a message on Scoir is 74%!

Outreach Messaging is a fast and effective way to reach students on the platform where they’re discovering colleges.


3. Actionable Insights Dashboard

Understand the ROI of Scoir for your college and insights about your interested students. We help you quickly identify areas for geographic expansion, quickly set high school visits, learn the top interests of students that follow you, and predict enrollment for the upcoming year.

Learn more about the ROI Scoir for colleges in this case study.



Save yourself and your prospective students time by accepting applications from Scoir!

Any Coalition college can participate. Schools that use Slate and those that don’t can take advantage of this new application method.

Beyond a reduction in administrative burden, we’re always improving the experience year-over-year with updates to Apply with Scoir to ensure your application is 100% compliant to student privacy and other laws.


Admissions Essentials

Below are the services we provide every college, free of charge!

1. Free - High School Visits

Schedule in-person or virtual visits with nearly 2,200 high schools.


2. Free - Documents Delivery

Receive any application-related documents automatically or manually (we also have a Slate integration).


3. Free - Profile Verification

Easily verify or update your college profile for data accuracy. 

Learn more about Scoir’s pricing.


Diversify Your Student Recruitment Strategy with Scoir

Love what you’ve read about Scoir for colleges?

Tired of the same old student recruitment strategies?

Ready to start connecting with best-fit students for the 2024-2025 academic year?

Set a consultation with our team to learn how Scoir’s Advanced Solutions for colleges can support your specific needs.

Let us help you maximize your investment in Scoir. Learn more - illustration of person interacting with Scoir reports
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