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Advice: Applying to U.S. Colleges as an International Student

Applying to college can be so full of emotions and preparation, especially when you're applying as an international student! Our latest podcast episode is hosted by Tushar, a junior at Drexel University who applied to US colleges from India in 2017. Here are some resources he gathered that were helpful to him during the application process!

Take a look, and listen to Tushar's episode on any platform you listen to podcasts! 


Tushar here! Here are some resources that were helpful for me during my applications:

General Sites 📚

Here are some websites for finding general information about colleges in the U.S., student life, self-discovery, and more.
  • PrepScholar
    • This site was great for all-around college advice by top students and other experts. They have a lot of information on colleges, the application process, test strategies, and more.
  • Scoir
    • Scoir has a lot of different tools for students, like searching for colleges based on your personal and academic interests, discovering your strengths with a career assessment, and more. You can sign up for a free account even if your school doesn't use Scoir!

User-Driven Websites 💻

These sites often have advice from people who are going through the process, so it can be really helpful to hear their perspectives! Just remember that the posts are from the writer's experience— yours may be different!

Finding Scholarships 💰

Here are some scholarships sources!

Supporting Mental Well-being ✌️

These apps were all very helpful for me in maintaining a positive mindset and caring for my emotions during the process.

People Skills 💭

This source helped me understand my and others' emotions, and how to handle, process, and channel them.

We hope these resources are helpful, or at least give you a starting point as you begin your college search and application process. From all of us at Scoir, good luck and we are cheering you on! :)

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