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Young adults with a college degree have much higher employment rates and earn twice as much as those without a degree.


Barely half of high school graduates pursue a four-year college degree

Less than 2/3 of those ever graduate

1 in 5 graduates transfer and earn their degree from a different college

Our mission is to improve access to the opportunities that a college education provides.

SCOIR enables students, parents, counselors and colleges to make better decisions that achieve more positive outcomes.

This is Personal for Us

In addition to being coders and entrepreneurs, our team members are the parents, aunts & uncles of uniquely-talented children. We want each of them recognized for their personal capabilities and achievements and to understand how best to pursue their own interests and aspirations.


To do this, we’ve built a talented team of experts who are passionate about SCOIR’s mission. Want to join us in making a positive social impact? We are growing rapidly and have many positions available.