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For Students & Counselors: Applying Test Optional Indicator

Students can indicate if they plan to apply or applied Test Optional, and counselors can take this action on their behalf. Take a closer look!

Test Optional 
What is Test Optional?

Test Optional is when a college doesn’t require test scores to be submitted as part of the application. Instead, they give students the option to include them or not. 

Using Scoir as the application method, students can already indicate when applying Test Optional. Now, we’re adding that functionality when using other methods!

Choosing Test Optional

Once a student marks a college as Applying, they're asked to choose the application method and round. Now, they can also toggle on Test Optional to indicate they don’t intend to share test scores. 

Edit this decision by going to My Colleges > choose the college you wish to change the response > select to edit the application.

Screen Shot 2022-12-21 at 3.39.07 PM-1From there, toggle off Test Optional!

Test Optional

Students can also confirm their Test Optional decision for colleges in the Applied column to ensure outcomes are accurately reflected.

Counselors also have the ability to record Test Optional applications on behalf of the student.

What's Next

Coming soon, we'll be making improvements to how application outcomes are collected by students and counselors!

Learn more about Scoir.

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