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2 min read

For Counselors: How We've Improved Scoir in the Last 1.5 Years

For Counselors: How We've Improved Scoir in the Last 1.5 Years

As we start the new school year, we can't help but reflect on where we've been! In the last year and a half alone, we’ve made significant investments to support you as you support students. 

In the last 18 months, we've...

Introduced Scoir U: Professional Development for Changemakers
Scoir U

Learn from experts, grow your skills, and explore new topics to become certified in key areas of the college admissions journey so we can improve student outcomes, together.

Designed ASCA-compliant Grades 9-12 College & Career Readiness Curriculum (free to Scoir counselors!)

Scoir Curriculum
With these 55 ASCA-compliant lesson plans, you can cover topics from career exploration to financial literacy with your students in grades 9-12.

Launched 17 new features & improvements

Simpler Suggestions

simpler_suggestionsIn case you missed it, you can now:
  • ​Suggest colleges from Student Roster & College Profiles
  • Suggest colleges to one or many students at the same time
  • Filter your Student Roster by students with Pending Suggestions

More usable Surveys

You can now download all survey responses at once, directly from Scoir. Perfect for brag sheets for your rising seniors!

Redesigned College Profiles, Preferences, Browse Paths, Dashboard, and the Student Mobile App


Students now have even more useful, helpful tools at their fingertips with the redesigned Dashboard experience! The new For You section, paired with more detailed college profiles, provides students with a more personalized search & discovery experience!

More inclusive My Profile

Students have the option to indicate their gender and pronouns on their My Profile. Students are in control of sharing this information; if provided, we'll use this information to properly address students on the platform. We care about students' needs and want student profiles to be representative of their journeys.

Add Top Choices

Top Choices
Within the Scoir Student Mobile App and desktop, students can select their Top 3 Choices for colleges within their My Colleges list. This allows students to further organize and customize their college search.

Collaborative communication

  • Email Centeremail_center
    Keep track of all of your communications, with the ability to send emails from your own email address in Scoir.

  • Scheduled Email
    Work smarter by saving drafts, scheduling your emails in advance, and even setting reminders of planned emails.

  • Advanced Email
    You can configure Scoir to send emails from your school’s domain (that means you’re the sender, instead of us) and reach all selected recipients, regardless of their registration status on Scoir.

  • Scoir Library & Subscriptions

    Subscribe to 6 categories of pre-written emails, including College Discovery and Standardized Tests, to engage students.

  • Enabled District Communication
    Manage communication across all of the schools in your district by enabling District Communication.

Student Outcomes & Plans (featuring non-collegiate outcomes and two new reports, Student Outcomes & Plans and Class Profiles)

Update Student OutcomesRecord and report on student outcomes & post-high school plans, including non-collegiate outcomes.

Provided greater visibility with the YouScience Counselor Integration


You can view high-level information regarding your students' YouScience progress directly from your dashboard.

Reimagined college applications via Apply with Scoir


The College Admissions Network expanded to simplify the process of applying to college. Now, students can focus on what matters most: Discovering colleges that best fit their academic, social, and financial needs.


We're looking forward to this new school year ahead, and continuing to build Scoir alongside our incredible counseling community and student supporters!

Help your students nail their personal statements - Scoir and College Essay Guy Course
For Counselors: Career Readiness Early Access

5 min read

For Counselors: Career Readiness Early Access

We've expanded Scoir to include Career Readiness, allowing us to serve both college and non-college-bound students on their journeys—beginning in the...

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For Counselors: April 2024 Product Updates

3 min read

For Counselors: April 2024 Product Updates

Your monthly roundup of the latest product releases and feature updates. Plus, what's coming soon to Scoir. 🚀

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For Counselors: Assigning & Managing Student Tasks

4 min read

For Counselors: Assigning & Managing Student Tasks

Now, counselors can create, assign, filter, and manage student tasks to help keep everyone organized and on track. 🚀

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