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New in the District App: Communication

District Communication is here! Now, you can email all the schools in your district or network, targeting counselors, students, and their parents/guardians. With the ability to personalize communication just for your district, this feature allows for more widespread, streamlined communication across schools, all in one place. We’re excited for you to explore it!

The communication possibilities are endless; you can send a pre-holiday break reminder to try out our YouScience career assessment or can even encourage a friendly competition among schools in the district to increase Scoir registration rates!

District Communication - Compose Email

Personalized From Address

Select your own email as the From Address, rather than automated@scoir.com.

Reach All Recipients

Verify your domain to reach all recipients, regardless of their registration status in Scoir.

Coming Soon! Domain Propagation

Reduce administrative work! Coming soon, you’ll be able to verify your domain once, allowing all of the schools in your district to enjoy the benefits of Advanced Email.

District Communication - Advanced Email

Ready to get started? All you need to do is assign your Network Communications Manager and verify your domain— use our step-by-step guide here.

To learn more, join a demo:

Join a Demo

Happy Emailing!


The new Scoir app for students is available for iOS!

Learn more about the app and get it today.

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