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What’s New in Scoir for Students: October 2021 Recap

The new dashboard is here! Plus, explore new ways to select college preferences, identify college matches with a brief quiz, and more.

It’s been an eventful few months for the Student Experience, with the release of the new student dashboard on desktop, a simplified way to select college preferences, a Discover page full of smart college recommendations, and much more. Read all about it here.

New Student Dashboard Experience

First up is the new student dashboard. This has been one of our most in-depth updates, and we’re excited that it's now in students’ hands.

The new dashboard for desktop has been redesigned to be more useful–bringing everything together to provide students with an overview of their unique college journey.

Student Dashboard 2.0

Sporting a new sidebar that is home to messages, upcoming events and deadlines, profile details, and more, students now have quick access to what’s important.

Most notably, the dashboard provides students with a new For You section, dedicated to providing powerful, personalized college recommendations based on college preferences. 

👉 Read more about it here.


Simplified Ways to Choose Your College Preferences

Next up is the simplified preference selection tool on desktop. We believe finding colleges that fit your preferences should be easy to do, so we’ve simplified our tool. It’s now easier than ever to explore colleges based on preferences like academic focus, campus setting, personal interests, and much more.
Pref Picker 2.0

Our team is thrilled to bring this update to students. College preferences are the beating heart of Scoir, allowing us to provide smarter college recommendations via My Matches, and the Discovery page–leading you to find your best-fit colleges.

👉 Read more about it here. 


Discover: A New Search Experience

The Discover Page for desktop is a custom approach to college search for students. A jumping-off point, the Discover page provides students with four distinct ways to explore potential college fits.

Discover Page

With quick links to My Matches, You May Also Like, Recently Viewed Colleges, and common searches, students can find a number of ways to begin their college search and discovery here.

👉 Read more about it here.


Top Choices Available on Desktop

Top Choices is a newer feature that our team was excited to release to the student mobile app over the summer. Now, we're thrilled to announce that this feature is available for students on our desktop app, as well!

After building a list in My Colleges, students have the ability to save their favorite and first-choice colleges to the Top Choices section, distinguishing them from the rest of their list. 

Top Choices Spotlight


👉 Read more about it here.

One more thing...

We’d be remiss not to tell you about the newly redesigned Scoir mobile app for iOS. This freshly redesigned app for students is available in the App Store, alongside of the apps for counselors and parents. 

Download on the App Store

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