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What’s New: Redesigned College Profiles

Newly redesigned College Profiles are here for students! We’ve made some updates to these critical pages. Why? Read more about it here. 

Students have a lot on their plates as they navigate the journey of applying to college. Simply researching colleges is only one part of that journey. Scoir is meant to make this process of research and exploration not only simple but also enjoyable. To that end, the newly redesigned College Profiles are not only comprehensive, but simple to navigate.

With an eye on improved usability, the refreshed design includes all of the same information that's critical to student's research, with a few new additions:

  • Streamlined sub-navigation
  • "Similar colleges" callout
  • Inclusion of affiliate campuses
  • Insight into upcoming visits
  • Quick-search for fields of study

New College Profiles_1.22


A Streamlined Sub-Navigation 

Find the details you’re looking for with ease. The new tabbed sub-navigation quickly leads you to the important details.

Sub Navigation


An On-Page Mention of "Similar Colleges"

Picture it: you really like College A, but want to explore some other options that could also be a good fit for you. The new College Profiles make it simple to do just that!

Similar Colleges


Inclusion of Affiliate Campuses

An easy way to identify regional, branch, or satellite campuses related to the college that you're viewing. 

Affiliate Campuses


View and Register for Upcoming Visits

As you research, easily discover if and when a college is visiting your high school, and register to attend that visit–all without leaving the profile page!



Quick-Search for Fields of Study

A final mention goes to a new quick-search that we're very excited about. Now, you can use a search field to quickly identify if an institution has the field of study that interests you!

Fields of Study


More To Come

Right now, the updated College Profile experience is only available for students to explore. However, soon enough, counselors and parents/guardians will also be able to engage with the new College Profile design! 

We believe this update will have a real impact on how students explore and find their best-fit colleges. We can’t wait to see how you interact with them. If you have feedback, we’d love to hear it. 

Learn more about Scoir

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