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How to Get Started on Scoir as a Parent or Guardian

So, your student invited you to join them on Scoir or you've found Scoir yourself—let's talk about how to get started! ⭐

You may have been invited because your student found Scoir or uses the platform at school. You may also be interested in better supporting your student, so you found Scoir yourself.

You may be wondering:

What in the world is Scoir, anyway? And why is it spelled like that? And why did my student invite me to join?

Scoir helps students discover and apply to colleges, and helps parents and guardians support their students through the process.

This article outlines the features Scoir offers, what you need to know about each (many of which are newly enhanced!), and how to get started.

Create your free Scoir account to see what we offer.

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More of a visual or audible learner? Join us for the upcoming webinar on Wednesday, August 2 at 8 PM ET to learn more about these new features! (And if you can’t come to the event, sign up anyway to receive a recording!)
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✨ Discover Colleges 🔎

Help your student begin their search based on what you and they are looking for—maybe that’s a major or academic program, campus size and setting, and extracurriculars—and get matched with colleges that fit your criteria!

Then, you can suggest colleges to your student through Scoir!

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✨ Explore #Posts 🖼️

Check out content shared by the colleges that match your student's interests through #Posts! Interests and activities (like #Virtual Tour, #Housing, and #Student Life) are tagged so that you can easily explore a college's offerings.

Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 11.02.59 AM


✨ Sign Up for College Events 📅

Whether you're interested in virtual or in-person college events, you can find what you're looking for in our Events tab! Sign up for informational sessions, webinars, and more to learn about colleges that may interest you and your student.

Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 11.03.47 AM

Suggest Colleges 📣

Explore colleges that are a great fit for your student based on their academic and extracurricular interests. You can even suggest colleges to your student, and they will show up in your student’s My Colleges list, in the Suggested column.

Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 11.07.40 AM


Ready to jump in? Create an account (and remember to link to your student!) to get started.

We make college prep simple for parents, too - Read the Scoir Guide to Getting Started as Parent/Guardian

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