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Finding Internships in a Virtual Working World

As we head into another school year, finding an internship may be on your mind. Traditionally, internships are all about gaining hands-on experience. However, as more and more businesses go virtual due to COVID-19, the traditional internship experience is changing. Even if it’s only temporary, many businesses have adapted to provide remote internships. Here are a few ways that you can find remote internships during this time.

How to Find a Remote Internship

The actual process of finding a remote or virtual internship isn’t all that much different from searching for an in-person internship. What you may find is that you have to search a bit more intently. In a “normal” world, it may be easier for you to become aware of opportunities as a result of in-person interactions. Now, you'll have to be sure that you are diligent in your searches and follow up on your applications. 


Talk to Friends, Family & Acquaintances 

When looking for internship opportunities, turning to those you know is often the best place to start. Whether you’re sure about the type of internship you’d like or not, your family and friends can help you make connections. As you grow into the professional world, some may call this “networking.”

Networking is interaction for the benefit of developing professional connections, and some may argue that it’s actually easier done in a virtual world. You can use social media to connect with those around you; join groups and participate in conversations related to your community, local businesses, and neighbors.


Reach out to Alumni

Reaching out to those that graduated from your high school or college can be a great way to make connections with those that have “walked in your shoes” before you. Maybe you have a friend with an older sibling, or maybe your school has an alumni group that you can join - you may be able to make invaluable connections this way. 


Use Job Search Sites

It may not be your first thought, but job search sites like Monster or Indeed can also be great places to find internships. While we’d encourage you not to place all of your efforts here, it’s a good idea to browse for opportunities. We'd also suggest that you join LinkedIn if you aren't already. LinkedIn will allow you to participate in professional conversations and be on the lookout for job opportunities.


Make Your Own Website

If you are interested in a creative field such as writing, design, marketing, tech and more, it may benefit you to quickly spin up your own website to showcase your portfolio of work.


The Benefits of a Remote Internship

When completing a remote internship, you may be concerned about the takeaways. While the traditional hands-on experience won’t be there, there are certainly countless benefits to virtual internships, such as:

  • Ability to connect with people near and far 
  • Development of time management & discipline
  • Add "remote work skills" to your college resume!

This upcoming academic year presents its own unique set of challenges, but rest assured that companies are still looking for interns in this remote environment! Follow some of the steps we've outlined here to begin your search for internship opportunities. 

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