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The Don't Sweat It's and Don't Forget It's of your College Application



It's ⚠️ TIME TO BE REAL ⚠️ in your college application! It turns out you can use humor and show your personality in your application and we'll tell you how! In this episode, Elena and Tom (from College Essay Guy Team and former college admissions officer) talk about the secret things you're probably worrying too much about and the things you don't want to forget in your college apps. Links to resources below!

What are the kinds of Don't Sweat It's and Don't Forget It's we talk about? Here's a preview:

😰 Don't Sweat It:

  • Putting too much information in your Activities Section
  • Sounding "smart enough" in your writing
  • Getting letters of recommendation from exactly 1 STEM teacher, 1 non-STEM teacher (listen to find out why!)

🧐 Don't Forget It:

  • Adjusting your text formatting (if you copy text from Google docs, it all might be bolded... 🤭)
  • Filling out the Additional Information section

Find out why by listening to the episode,
available wherever you listen to podcasts! Follow us on Instagram (@scoirinc) for more in this mini series! See you soon for more college application advice! ☺️

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