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Product Updates: What's New for Colleges

A year and a half ago we launched our enrollment marketing solutions for colleges to help students meaningfully connect with the colleges they expressed interest in beyond email. Our team continues to make updates to ensure colleges have the tools and data needed to take a student centered approach to recruitment. The latest upgrades focus on the Insights Dashboard.

Timely Dashboard Enhancements

Dashboard_Interested Student Conversion

Conversion Funnel

First up is the addition of a conversion funnel just in time for yield season. You can see a quick snapshot of how students are moving from initial interest to applying, accepted, and finally enrolled. There’s the option to filter based on current and past students, as well as see projected conversion for this year. This can help you understand where there is fallout in your funnel and where to focus more on student engagement.


Dashboard_Reached Student Insights

Student Insights

As you begin to engage juniors, you can now identify top interests and academic focuses of your interested students, as well as those of your reached students. The dashboard also displays whether or not you have sent any segmented messages or relevant content for top interests, empowering you to act on any communication gaps quickly. This enhancement ensures students have a personalized experience while using Scoir and provides you the data needed to make strategic outreach decisions.


Dashboard Competitive Insights

Competitive Insights

Wondering who students are comparing you against this yield season? Your answer is on the dashboard. View your top 25 competitors based on mutually interested students. We default to an adjusted ranking, which excludes outliers based on size, but the dashboard also includes the option to view the unadjusted ranking.


Additional Enhancements

The dashboard enhancements aren’t the only updates for colleges. The team is continuing to enhance College Profiles, so students have the most relevant information up front in a visually compelling way.

In case you missed it, the team is also working on a next generation application experience for students in partnership with the Coalition for College and Technolutions. Check back regularly to stay up to date on all the latest releases.

Interested in learning more about all of our enrollment marketing solutions for colleges?

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