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College 101: What they definitely didn't tell you on the tour


Hey! It's Elena, and I'm taking you to school early with our new "College 101" podcast episode! I asked other college grads for their personal college hacks and the secret tips that colleges definitely didn't tell you on the tour. This is part of our What I Wish I Knew Before College series, where I talk with college grads about their biggest tips, advice, and funny stories for students. 

Here are their tips for you! I made little categories so you can jump to what you want to read.  More advice to come in PT 2! See you next time! —Elena


Be Your Own BFF Money-Saving Hacks
Hacks for Class Professor Hacks


The best hacks come from being your "Own Best Friend." Here are our grads' tips to help your future self in college:

Be your Own Best Friend

You'll spend a lot of time in class, so it's worth it to have some Hacks for Class:

Hacks for Class

It's also SUPER helpful to have Money-Saving Hacks on hand:

Money-Saving Hacks

And finally, there are some quick Professor Hacks you can use to feel prepared before starting class:

Professor Hacks


That's a peek into our "College 101!" Class dismissed! 

To hear our grads' full advice, head to Part 1 of "College 101", available wherever you listen to podcasts. Follow us on Instagram (@scoirinc) for more in this series! See you next time for more college advice! ☺️

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