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Insights and Stories

A Successful Strategy for Applying to College Scholarships

By the summer between your junior and senior year of high school, you have likely figured out that every step of the college admissions process should be handled with a well-thought-out strategy. So, it’s no different when it comes to applying ...
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SAT and ACT Resource Guide: From Free Prep to Private Tutoring

“Help! My daughter is a junior, and I have no idea what to do. Should she take the SAT? The ACT? How should she prepare? Do we use a tutor? An online class? Which ...
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How to Help Your Students Through the FAFSA Verification Process

The FAFSA process can be overwhelming and daunting to FLI (first generation and/or low income) students – especially because their ability to attend college is ...
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How to Stand Out in The College Application Process: Find Your “Hook”

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed middle school and are now walking the halls of high school. These years fly by, and soon enough you’ll be having ...
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