The Importance of Celebrating Your College Applications

Have you submitted your college applications? Congratulations! 🥳 Now is the perfect time to pause, reflect, and even celebrate!

We know how much time and hard work it takes to apply to college and we’re so proud of you! 🎉 This is a HUGE milestone in your journey to college that deserves to be celebrated, whatever that looks like to you.

We learned about celebrating your college applications from everyone's favorite college parent...Carolyn Caplan, aka Admissions Mom!

In our latest podcast episode, Carolyn chats with us about what inspired this idea, the importance of taking time to recognize your accomplishments, and some fun ways to celebrate!

So what does Carolyn suggest you do after you've submitted your applications? Listen to our latest episode to find out! 😉


Here's where you can find more from Admissions Mom:

You can find our newest episode wherever you listen to podcasts! Follow us on Instagram @scoirinc for more (hint: there may be a fun giveaway coming up...)! Remember to take some time for yourself, and we're here if you need us! ☺️

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