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6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Winter Break ❄️

Hey it’s Elena! It's already the holiday season (YAY!) and winter break is just around the corner ❄️  Here are 6 ways (self-productive and school-productive) to make the most of your winter break:

Take a walk outside and listen to our latest podcast episode (featuring a recent college grad, my sister, Andrea!):


Self-Productive Ways:

1. Read, Watch TV, See Friends 👯

This one is a classic; winter break is the perfect time to catch up on reading, TV shows you missed, and hanging out with friends! Have friends who are far away? Host a PowerPoint night over Zoom! Or bundle up for some outdoor wintery activities (like Andrea's fave, sledding)!

2. Redecorate Your Room ✨

Switch up the energy in your space! Whether you get some new decorations, paint a wall, or move around the furniture already in your room, redecorating can help make things feel new before NYE!

3. Catch Up on Sleeeeeep 😴

🗣️ SLEEP! IS! PRODUCTIVE! Making sure you catch up on sleep during winter break is necessary and will help you feel refreshed for the new year! Hit snooze 💤

gum drop-1


School-Productive Ways:

4. Explore Internships/Summer Programs (with Winter Deadlines) ☀️

Believe it or not, winter is actually when applications to a lot of summer internships or programs are due! Escape the cold by thinking of the summer sun and explore what you might be interested in doing.

Not sure where to start? Here's a great resource for finding high school internships and summer programs

5. Apply for Scholarships 🤑

A lot of applications for college scholarships either become available or are DUE in the winter!

Elena's Pro Tip? Play 4 of your favorite songs and collect as many scholarships as you qualify for in that time. By the end of the 4th song, you'll have a really great list to start applying from!


6. Go on a College Road Trip 🚗

Picture this: you've got one friend on aux, one friend with the snacks, and another friend with jokes! What better way to spend winter break than a college road trip? Whether the college is down the street or 2 hours away, grab a friend who can drive and explore a college campus and its majors!

BONUS: Set a New Year's Intention! 🎇

Get the good energy flowing with a New Year's intention to start the year off on a positive note! 💫

Follow us on Instagram @scoirinc and listen to our latest podcast episode for even more winter break tips! Happy holidays! ☃️ —Elena

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