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2 min read

For Students and Counselors: More Precise Application Outcomes

For Students and Counselors: More Precise Application Outcomes

We’ve improved how outcomes are collected and reported!

It’s that time of year when outcomes begin rolling in! As counselors and students update application results and record admission decisions, you’ll notice we’ve released some impactful improvements 🚀

With a cleaner design and additional outcome options to choose from, students and counselors alike can easily update outcomes in a way that supports more precise data in Scattergrams and counselors reports.  

Let’s take a look!


An easier way to update outcomes

Students and counselors can both report outcomes using the new experience from My Colleges!

Updating outcomes in the student experience

If you’re a student, simply go to My Colleges and select the college you’d like to share the application outcome. 

Before, Academic Overview and Scattergrams lived at the top, and below, you could set your application status. When updating the outcome, there were 5 options.

Previous outcomes in My Colleges

Previous view in My Colleges

Now, you’ll experience a new interface with application status settings front and center, and the overview and Scattergrams below. Select “Edit Outcomes” to see additional options such as indicating if you were deferred or waitlisted. 

New outcomes in My Colleges

New view in My Colleges

When choosing the outcome that applies to you from the Application Outcomes dropdown, you’ll notice a few new options like Conditional Acceptance and Guaranteed Transfer. You can also choose which upcoming term applies to your acceptance and let counselors know if you’ve enrolled.

Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 10.42.08 AM

As a counselor, you can take the same actions on behalf of the student by navigating to their My Colleges. Please note, marking an outcome as “Unknown” is now only an option for counselors. 

Updating outcomes in the counselor experience

Beyond updating outcomes in My Colleges for individual students, counselors can also take action in Student Outcomes & Plans. 

Before, the Counselor Experience had fewer options.

Previous outcomes in Student Outcomes & Plans

Previous Outcomes

Now, there are more options and a cleaner design! 

New outcomes in Student Outcomes & Plans

New Outcomes

Before selecting the application outcome, you can indicate if the student is applying test optional, and if they’ve been deferred or waitlisted. You can also add a hook, such as athletics, to ensure more accurate outcomes.

Deferred or Waitlisted

Once the application outcome is determined, select the results from the dropdown. You can come back and update outcomes as they change.

Application Outcomes Choices

You can also record if a student has alternative plans to college, like trade schools, gap year, military, etc.

Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 9.16.47 AM

More robust outcome reporting 

With more precise outcome reporting at your fingertips, you’ll be better equipped to understand college acceptance patterns and help guide students towards their collegiate goals.

Viewing and running outcome reports

In your counselor dashboard, go to “Reports” and choose “Application & Outcomes.”

When viewing by Student, you’ll see 6 options that were previously available—College Name, App Type, Deferred, Waitlist, Outcome, and Enrolling.

Now, you’ll also see columns for Test Optional, Major, and Additional Comments. These new columns are reflected when you download a CSV. 



Scattergrams show the new outcomes too!


Always improving!

We truly hope students find these improvements helpful as you collect and report outcomes. We'll continue to enhance the student and counselor outcomes experience, so stay tuned for more product updates!

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