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How to Get Funding for Your Certification

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Certification

Suggestion 1:
Conduct a Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA)

Did you know? CNA is part of the budgeting process for ESSER and ARP funding.

Step 1: Collaborate with your administrative team on the comprehensive needs assessment (CNA), elevating SEL and mental health data points or staff reflection and needs points.

Step 2: Position this investment in YOU as one of the solutions.

Step 3: Provide the price point, and the program overview so they can justify within already approved budget.

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Suggestion 2:
Identify Title I Resources

Did you know? Title I School Counselors and Teachers can tap into additional resources to support high poverty school programs in needed academic support through SEL informed instruction.

Take action: Contact your Title I contact on campus to help you identify eligible funds.

Suggestion 3:
Uncover Other Sources

Take action: Identify unencumbered dollars from Youth Mental Health First Aid or other mental health grants that need to be spent down.

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Suggestion 4:
Work with the District Counseling Team

Take action: Contact this team and offer to take the lead on a system use of this programming, with financial support from Title IV.

Priced Affordably

SEL is more important now than ever. Designed by experts in the field, this certification will help you help your students this school year.


Includes 10 hours of on-demand video, slides, lesson quizzes, and certificate upon completion.

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