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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Certification for Counselors

A Certification Program brought to you by  Scoir_U_white



Certification Overview

We collaborated with leading experts in the field to bring you the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) certification. It's designed to build foundational knowledge and professional skills in order to apply research-based concepts of SEL theory with students.

Our goal is to create a more well-rounded, comprehensive approach to teaching and learning.

Please note: You do NOT have to be a Scoir customer to enroll in the program.


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I have been in the classroom for 15 years, and this year I have transitioned to the role of counselor. I signed up for the SEL course hoping to gain some insight in my new role. I was hooked right from the beginning of Module 2. Surprisingly, after the kids were in bed, I found myself more excited about hopping on the computer for more modules than I was about binging my new favorite show. All teachers and counselors should be encouraged to complete this course because this is exactly what we missed in college. Even in graduate school, I never got coursework like the SEL course provides. It was part pep rally and part pep talk. The material had me shaking my head saying, "Yes, that is what I have been wanting to say for years!" I appreciate the hours and hours it must have taken to put this course together. I feel like the presenter was asking, "What do the educators out there really need to hear?" Thank you so much for this course! I am anxious to share my knowledge with colleagues and put it in motion in the classroom.
Melissa Wolff
Notre Dame High School

What is Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is an integral part of education and human development. It's the process through which all young people and adults acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop healthy identities, manage emotions, and achieve personal and collective goals. SEL helps each individual feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain supportive relationships, and make responsible and caring decisions.*

*Source: CASEL

Why it's different

This certification is built on the most current national evidence-based research and designed to tap into the unique roles and needs of adult learning through thought-provoking, highly engaging content and exercises.

Group 33-2

Who you'll learn from

The training is led by Dr. Dana Godek, a policy and research leader. 

Plus, you'll hear from nationally recognized subject matter experts including:

  • Dr. Robert Avossa: Former teacher, principal, executive leader, and school superintendent in Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia 

  • Kelly Sapp: National SEL coach and trainer 

  • Vincent Alessi: Chief Academic Officer 

  • Dr. Daniel Reyes Guerra: Associate Dean of Educational Leadership and Research Methodology


What You'll Learn

We built this with you in mind. Each module is delivered in video format and available on-demand so you can work the program into your schedule. 

Certification content:

  • 10 Modules (10 videos total)

    1. Intro to SEL for Counselors

    2. Supporting Caring Conversations

    3. Empathy

    4. Self-Care

    5. Stress Management

    6. Mindfulness

    7. Compassion Fatigue

    8. Modeling SEL in the Classroom

    9. The Importance of Effective Language

    10. Using SEL Competencies in 1:1s

  • 1 Brief Quiz

  • Total time investment: 10 hours (not including quiz time)

Certification takeaways:

  • FREE downloadable slides for reference

  • On-demand access to video content at any time

illustration of counselor working on SEL certification course


Don't forget to check out our suggestions for ways to secure funding for this program. 



Group Rates

10-99 Counselors: 10% discount

100+ Counselors: 25% discount