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We offer a flat 50% discount for each student who receives free or reduced lunch in your school or district.

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Enjoy Career Readiness Early Access for grades 6-8, built to help you guide students and track progress in the early years of career learnings and activities.

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Apply with Scoir

Your guide to getting started


Getting Started


Congratulations on deciding to take a student-centered approach to your application process! The new experience makes it easier than ever for under-resourced students to apply, and is straightforward to set up.

You'll configure your application in 2 environments: Scoir and Slate

Below, you'll find resources to guide you through technical set up. We'll continue to add resources and events to this page and hope it can serve as a helpful one-stop shop for all things Apply!


The support resources for building were fantastic. We got clear and consistent follow-up from Scoir to help with any issues we had, and I found navigating the application pretty intuitive.
Georgia Kennedy
CRM Administrator | University of Vermont

Where to Configure

On Slate

  • Prepare your Source Format and complete mapping

  • Prepare your Supplement

  • Set up payment processing, if needed

  • Test integration between Scoir and Slate

On Scoir


When and How to Configure

You're welcome to build at your own pace. Just be sure to complete your set up by August 1!


Planning and prep work begins


Testing begins and setup is finalized


Scoir Resources

Setting Application Rounds

Read the app rounds help article →

What is Configuration?

Read the configure help article →

What is the Application Profile Specification Guide?
Suggested Activation Timeline

Read the activate help article →

Roles in Scoir
Coalition Essay Word Limit
How to Test Your Application

Slate Resources


Event Replays and Outreach

Stay tuned for more events!


Student Experience

Curious about what the student experience is like? Check out this video where our Customer Success Team walks you through how students will experience the application.


Want more insights into how your configuration impacts the student experience? Check out the Student Experience Guide.


Contact our Support Team with any questions you may have during the Scoir setup process