Apply with Scoir

Your guide to getting started

Getting started

Congratulations on deciding to take a student-centered approach to your application process! The new experience makes it easier than ever for under resourced students to apply and setting it up is straightforward for you.

  • Create your supplemental form and map your source format in Slate
  • Configure what information you receive from Scoir
  • Test and activate the application process


Here are resources to help guide you through the technical set up process. 


We’re also making it easy for you to launch your new experience! The Launch Planner walks you through how to communicate about the experience with students, including what to use for call to action buttons and descriptive text you can copy and paste onto your website.

Launch Planner Email Option 1

Student experience

Curious about what the student experience is like? Check out this video where our Customer Success Team walks you through how students will experience the application.

Application Progress Bar

Want more insights into how your configuration impacts the student experience? Check out the Student Experience Guide.


Contact our Support Team with any questions you may have during the Scoir setup process at

We also host weekly Product Office Hours on Wednesdays 2-3pm ET for more in depth technical questions with our Director of Product, Brad Barton.